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5 stars for Winning Hailey’s Heart by @authorkimberly1 #romance #newrelease #bookreview #nnlbh

Title: Winning Hailey’s Heart (Horses Heal Hearts, Book 5)

Author: Kimberly Beckett

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

After losing both legs below the knee in a drunk driving accident, Hailey Warren dreamed of helping others similarly disabled by becoming a physical therapist. When the university she decided to attend denies her that opportunity based solely on her disability, she is left devastated and rudderless.

Now, the handsome and irresistible Marcus Harrington, Eighth Earl of Storrington, has offered to use his education, connections, and position to help her fight for her dream, but will her love for him survive after she discovers his devastating secret?

My Review:

What a glorious little romance that will keep the reader glued to the book. Once you get started with this book, it will stick with you. I wasn't 50% through when I dreamed about Marcus and Hailey. There is a lot to this story beyond the great romance.

Here, the struggles and issues faced by those with physical challenges are highlighted. Through Hailey, you can really feel the ridiculous nature of closed-minded attitudes. This book could shine a great light on those who think certain people who are not exactly like themselves are somehow off. People are people whether with two legs or only one leg or with prosthetics in place.

The issues of addiction and trust are beautifully portrayed here too. Gripping and sweet. Loving and at times harsh...this book has it all. If you are a fan of this series, you must read this book. Simply a great romance that will give the reader a full story along with a warm heart.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Ever since she can remember, Kimberly Beckett has loved horses. She wore out 4 rocking horses before she was 5 years old, and as she got older, she read every horse story in print, from Black Beauty to The Black Stallion. Her parents couldn’t afford to buy her a horse of her own, and believed it was just a phase she would soon outgrow, but as soon as she had her first attorney job nearly 30 years ago, Kimberly bought her first horse, and she hasn’t been without at least one ever since. She has been riding dressage for several years and has earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze Medal. When she wasn’t reading about horses, she was reading romance novels, and her favorites always involve an alpha male Hero riding a magnificent horse. Kimberly has now found a way to combine her love of horses with her love of romance by writing her own version of equine-facilitated happily ever afters. She truly believes that Horses Heal Hearts. She lives in southwest Ohio with her warmblood horse. She hopes you enjoy her stories, and encourages you to leave positive reviews for her work. She also loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached via her website at

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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Barbara Bettis
Jul 15, 2022

Your new book sounds delightful, Kimberly. All the best!

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