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Witches of Worth by Journey Windrow is an Indie Reads pick #uf #urbanfantasy #indiereads #giveaway


Witches of Worth



Journey Windrow



Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/UF


Book Blurb:


It’s the witching hour on Samhain. Born-witch Amaris Rutter is on a mission to safeguard the familiars of the Salem Council of Witches. But her best intentions turn her world upside down as she's crushed between warring factions of the Cabinet of Witchery. To make it worse, Amaris finds herself caught in a web of intrigue that leads to disaster.


This fast-paced novella spin-off from the Mage of Boston series is an enjoyable standalone that also offers fresh insights that enrich the mage series. It slots neatly between The Reluctant Mage and Stone and Bone, enriching both.


Immerse yourself in a world where magic, mystery, dominance struggles, and the power of second chances collide.




“Not again!” Amaris gasped as she shoved open the ornate double doors of the Salem Witches Council lobby. She had to be in time. Had to! No more carnage. Not on her watch.


Her breath caught in her throat as she discovered… a peaceful scene. Food service workers moving steam trays into place against the far wall for the after-meeting buffet. Thongs of milling born-witches gathered in the magically expanded space. A burst of laughter.


Spirits of Night! She made it here in time. Amaris stood frozen, one foot inside. The heavy mist drifting from Nahant Bay flowed around her, wafting into the warmth, dissipating.


As she stepped inside, the doors whispered shut behind her. Had she misread the text? Her pulse pounded in her ears and her hands trembled from the energy she had expended to turn a page of reality here on short notice. She pulled her cell from her coat pocket. Amaris didn’t make mistakes like this, but she had to double check the texts she’d received from Elder Hette Groth.


Ambassador Selene Barrens has a black canine familiar. She is bringing it to the installation ceremony. Majority voted to allow this violation of our protocols.


Why wasn’t I informed?


They didn’t want you to notify the rank-and-file.

That makes no sense.


They want to force all familiars to be allowed. There will be more bloodshed.


How can I help?


You’re the only one who can prevent another bloodbath. Go there immediately. We are counting on you.


She was flung back in time. Barking dogs. Shattering glass. A flopping scaled familiar on the floor. Doro reaching down to pick up her beloved Neptune. Kittens pouncing. Slashing with their claws. Doro’s screams. Her own sweet Wasabi jumping out of her arms to be caught in mid-air by Nova, the Great Horned Owl. Wasabi’s mental scream as his body was pierced and crushed.


Amaris blinked away the remembered horror.


She’d been right to dump Ragnar, her wolf shifter date, only feet from the doors leading to a Samhain Eve production of Wicked. Despite his protests and outrage, she’d given him their tickets, insisted it was a matter of life and death, and then dashed into deep shadow. There she had used her pentacle as a focus device to travel to Salem.


Small blessings. The sky had waited to pour rain until she was under the awning. Everything was peaceful inside. Sweet Goddess, thank you for allowing me to be here in time.


Amaris leaned against a wall and eyeballed the room, steadying herself as her nerves jangled. She would never get any of them to pay any attention to her unless she donned her mask of steely resolve.


She tipped back her head to gaze overhead while slowing her breathing. Witchlights twinkled against the ceiling, making its dark recesses appear to be a starry night. Beautiful.


Amaris lowered her gaze to the clusters of happy, chatting born-witches. Tonight was easy for them. They had no idea what was coming.


Once more, memories flooded her. A floor littered with bodies of familiars, wounded or dying. Her breath caught and her heart clenched. To keep her composure, her teeth clamped on her lower lip. 


A metallic clatter snapped her out of that grim recollection. Her eyes darted to a service worker who picked up the metal cover from a steam tray. They were preparing for the buffet after the presentation. Food, fun, frolic—and, if she wasn’t successful, a side of grim reaper.


The enchanted cat tote holding her feline familiar, Misty, thumped against her side as Amaris dashed toward the dais. She maintained her swift pace by keeping her weight on the balls of her feet, stiletto heels making soft taps on the hardwood floor. Her ankles wobbled twice, but her knee-high, tight red leather boots provided support to keep her upright.


Her gaze swept the area; she was prepared for attack from any direction. Her blood boiled. Didn’t the carnage before instituting the prohibition against non-feline familiars in the council building or at any gatherings mean anything? There’d been only a few spats between unacclimated kittens since then.


Amaris had to admit she blamed herself for Wasabi’s death. That kitten hadn’t attained full credentials as a familiar. And it was against the rules to bring familiars not fully acclimated. Yet the allure of acquiring proficiency through practical experience overrode her caution.


“We’ve had nothing more than minor hissing and spitting conflicts since then.” She bolstered her case to herself as she used her elbows to make her way to the raised platform where the ambassador’s presentation would be held.


“Ow! Stop shoving!” A beanstalk of a born-witch, who smelled of pumpkin spice and coffee, demanded. Then her voice turned into a sneer. “Well, look who it is. Thumbelina in the flesh.”


As a supervisor, Amaris knew she couldn’t act like a member of the rank-and-file and snap back. She’d dealt with bullying since she’d begun at the born-witch academy. Without responding, she lunged forward, slipping through spaces until she stepped on someone who refused to move.


“Get off my foot, you glimmerkin! They should never have let a pretender born to mundane parents into our born-witch school.” Another woman hissed as Amaris twisted and turned, weaving her way through her so-called sisters in magic.


Glimmerkin. Nice insult. There was nothing she could do or say to change ingrained attitudes. The born-witch community could be brutal. And if they knew they got under her skin, it gave them power.


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If you crave mesmerizing urban fantasy, dive into Amaris Rutter's world of high-stakes witchery, where action and intrigue collide. Dive into the thrilling journey, packed with magic, suspense, and uncanny twists, as characters navigate a realm of power, secrets, and alliances. Discover a riveting exploration of witchcraft and the relentless pursuit of justice that'll keep you hooked.


Giveaway –


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Open Internationally.


Runs December 5 – December 14, 2023.


Winner will be drawn on December 15, 2023.


Author Biography:


Journey Windrow is an emerging Urban Fantasy author. Her debut urban fantasy is the Mage of Boston Series: The Reluctant Mage, Book One, followed by Stone and Bone, Book Two. Journey's work is noir, funny, filled with mystery, intrigue, and has a full cast of relatable characters. She's a world traveler, has been in all four hemispheres, lived in three countries, and considers herself a citizen of Planet Earth. Please note: There is no Planet B. She’s fascinated with genetics, species evolution, mythology, language as the repository of culture, physics, and the impact of trauma on the psyche—not necessarily in that order. Boston was once her stomping grounds and what better place to set an urban fantasy than Eastern Massachusetts, which includes Salem?


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Journey, for sharing your book in our Indie Reads Bookish Event!

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