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5 stars for Young at Midnight by Bestseller @JenniferAShore #rockstarromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Young at Midnight

Author: Jennifer Ann Shore

Genre: Contemporary Rockstar Romance

Book Blurb:

Travis Young is the rockstar with a reputation, too many tattoos to count, and an unexplained three-year hiatus.

I never thought I’d see him again after high school. But when my career as a hard-hitting reporter is derailed when my work gets caught up in a legal mess, my editor sends me to cover Travis’s upcoming album release while the whole thing blows over.

The lifestyle of private jets, city hopping, and exclusive parties is alluring, but it’s not something I get easily caught up in.

I’m here for the story—definitely not for the musician with an attitude, gut-wrenching lyrics, and killer blue eyes.

"Young at Midnight" is an adult rockstar romance by Amazon bestselling author Jennifer Ann Shore.

My Review:

A tough-as-nails reporter, a rockstar, both emerging from the same high school… two career-driven souls not looking for love. Dakota has worked her bum off to get where she is today. As a huge exposé of hers is set to publish, her editor sends her on a fluff assignment, or so she thinks. She’s to get an interview from rockstar Travis Young, who personally requested her. The kicker is that they went to the same high school. Dakota reluctantly agrees and is unprepared for what happens next. As she tries to get underneath the rockstar persona, she finds a connection, a yearning, desire. She keeps telling herself she’s just there to get the story but what happens when she becomes part of the story? Will she do anything to further her career, even if it means giving up on love and the rockstar with mesmerizing blue eyes?

Young at Midnight is a classic rockstar romance with a twist. I’m a big fan of rockstar romances and in this one, Jennifer Ann Shore gives the reader an unbiased backstage pass to not only the rockstar lifestyle but also a reporter’s one as well. I connected with Dakota on so many levels. I appreciated the fact that she didn’t take any guff from anyone, least of all Travis. Young at Midnight was very much an enemies to lovers romance but with a rockstar twist. The plot moved at a great pace with plenty of steamy scenes. The descriptive narration plunged me into the story. There was also plenty of angst, but it added authenticity to the story. Falling in love with a rockstar is never easy. The writing flowed seamlessly and allowed me to escape into the story. The ending brought tears to my eyes. If you love rockstar romances, you’ll simply adore Young at Midnight. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Jennifer Ann Shore is the award-winning and bestselling author of several fiction books, including "Metallic Red," "The Stillness Before the Start," and "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy."

In her decade of working in journalism, marketing, and book publishing, she has gained recognition for her work from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Be sure to visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely), or your preferred social media channel to stay in touch.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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