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5 stars for Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes by @SorchiaDubois #paranormal #pnr #bookreview

Title: Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes (Zoraida Grey Trilogy Book 3)

Author: Sorchia DuBois

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Adventure

Book Blurb:

Hostages in the tower, vampires in the caverns, witches in the drawing room.

Castle Logan lives up to its dark reputation when Zoraida returns to Scotland with vengeance on her mind.

To rescue her best friend forever, she’ll have to use every skill she’s learned. Will it be enough? How can a small-town fortune teller hope to defeat the powerful witches of Castle Logan? The mysterious black crystal hidden beneath the East Tower offers certain victory––but the price is high. The last book in the Zoraida Grey Trilogy finds Zoraida pitted against the entire clan of Logan witches. But if they think it’s going to be easy, they've got another think coming.

My Review:

Zoraida Grey and Shea have returned from the Yucatan and are ready to battle Michael and his mother, Ursula. Zoraida needs to free her best friend from Michael's spells, entrapping Zhu. But all is not as it appears, as Zoraida soon finds out. Zoraida will need to use everything she's learned so far in order to defeat Michael and Ursula. Combining forces, Zoraida will need to defeat not only the entire Logan clan of witches but saying ‘I do’ to the man she loves.

Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes is the thrilling conclusion to the Zoraida Grey trilogy. Everything is on the line for Zoraida and she needs to channel her power within to be victorious. The plot twists are in full force here and Sorchia DuBois showcases her writing prowess. The plot, characters, paranormal elements, action scenes and lush descriptive narration all blend to make Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes a five-star finale. Gripping dramatic tension, a sadistic antagonist, good triumphing over evil, and a wedding are just a few of the reasons why I loved this book. Zoraida kicks butt, even in her darkest moments. The ending was sublime and made my heart soar. A brilliant book and end to the series, Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes is a must-read! Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Sorchia Dubois is the pen name of a mysterious, retired English teacher who lives deep in the forest in a tall house with nine cats. Sorchia writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and small-town murder mysteries. She published her first book in 2018 at the ripe age of mumblety-seven and plans to publish at least ninety-nine more. Her latest accomplishment is to survive cancer, which was no fun, but served to broaden her perspective—that’s for sure. Currently, she’s working on All the Pretty Knives, the first in a new trilogy to be released 2021-22.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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