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Headstrong and Full of Passion, She Believed She Might Waltz Them Away from Death: Waltzing With the

Title: Waltzing with the Earl

Author: Alanna Lucas

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Believing he is cursed, Tristram, Lord Trevena, the Earl of Longstone, agrees to do just one favor for a friend, to dance with the man’s sister, but the beautiful and headstrong Isabel Albryght will settle for no less than claiming his lonely heart.


Raised by her doting older brother, Isabel Albryght grew up cosseted and protected. She enjoyed her life in the country, her books, and her freedom. Then her brother married. Within months Isabel’s best friend married. It seemed it was time for Isabel to marry, too. Socially awkward and a bit too keen for most of the ton, Isabel proceeded to have the most horrible season on record…until she was approached by Tristram, the Earl of Longstone.

Two dances. That was all Tristram could offer anyone when considering his family curse, which had taken all he loved in the last ten years, so his promise to the beautiful Miss Albryght’s brother was simply that. The ton would soon see she was a desirable partner, her awkwardness would fade and other young swains would beat feet to her doorstep. But then he held her in his arms, and the delightful Isabel became his beating heart. Headstrong and full of passion, she believed she might waltz them away from Death. She alone could tempt him to try.

My Review:

Isabel Albryght would rather be surrounded by her books in the country than participate in the season. But she made a promise to her elder brother and so she attends one party/ball after another. Her nervousness causes unfortunate accidents that the ton won’t let her forget. She’s appalled and humiliated, her confidence slipping away.

On a whim, Isabel’s brother asks his old friend, Tristram, Lord Trevena, the Earl of Longstone, for a favor. Just two dances, he begs, and Tristram reluctantly agrees. Tristram’s only in town for a short period of time and then it’s back to the country. The last thing he needs is to become entangled with a young woman and activating the dreaded family curse.

Tristram and Isabel dance together at the very next ball and sparks fly. Will Tristram let Isabel into his heart, the family curse ignored, or will he sacrifice his own happiness to save the life of the one woman who sweeps him off his feet?

This is my first book by Alanna Lucas and let me tell you, I can’t wait to read more! Lucas weaves such a gorgeous historical romance filled with descriptive imagery of Regency England. The characters were such fun and I enjoyed the way they interacted with Isabel and Tristram.

Note: this is part of a series (In His Arms) but you can read it as a standalone. Lucas does an impressive job filling in the gaps for new readers to her series and I plan to read the rest of the series.

Waltzing with the Earl is one of those swoon-worthy historical romances that melts my heart and the conflict (family curse) added the right amount of drama. Like Isabel, Tristram swept me off my feet and I wanted to dance with him long after I finished reading. A must read!

Favorite Character: Isabel. I loved everything about her from her insecurities to her love of books. She’s a bluestocking, through and through, and I must admit she reminds me of myself. She’d much rather be surrounded by books out in the country than attend yet another ball. I also loved the way she spoke her mind to Tristan, especially when he hurts her deeply.

Favorite Quote:

“It did not matter what he did, nor how far he rode – his thoughts always strayed back to Isabel. He feared they always would.”

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Alanna Lucas grew up in Southern California, but always dreamed of distant lands and bygone eras. From an early age she took interest in art, history, and travel, and enjoys incorporating those diversions into her writing. However, she believes that true love is the greatest source of inspiration and is always an adventure.

Alanna makes her home in California where she spends her time writing historical romances, dreaming of her next travel destination, spending time with family, and staying up too late indulging in her favorite past time, reading.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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