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"They Don't Write Books Like This Anymore!" Go Fast (Simon Ellice Book 2) by Rod Humph

Title: Go Fast (Simon Ellice Book 2)

Author: Rod Humphris

Genre: Fiction, Adventure

Book Blurb:

It’s not good to find you’ve been used. On moonless nights Si runs hash from Morocco to Spain in his go-fast boat; the life is good, but when it’s time to leave, it turns out it’s already too late. Fighting for his freedom in the ancient smuggling port he discovers that he’s caught up in a tangle of illegal power and hidden love, and that bad as it seemed, the truth is far, far worse. What not even he knows is that under his easy smile and careless manner lies the same thread of darkness that pulled him in and which he must now follow to the bitter end. "This is an impressive piece of writing, highly charged, action packed, intelligent set in a vivid, exotic location with strong, memorable characters." - Martin Fletcher (Editor)

My Review:

Having previously been blown away by the prequel novella (Dead Ground), this second book of the series is one of the best books I have ever read. I so enjoy the life and times of Simon Ellice.

This author captures my sense of humor and it has been times innumerable that my reading of this book had me laughing so loud it disturbed people around me! I am usually massively opposed to drug smuggling (and it as a topic) but this didn't dissuade me here. If I had been fighting in Afghanistan in my early twenties who knows what kind of s**t I would have been involved in two years later.

Simon was fantastic. The flawed character of Sam reminds me of the character Bullseye in Daredevil. Gripping, action filled, brilliantly staged, surprises, suspense, humor *that made me laugh anyway* and now I cannot wait for the next book.

Buy this book, read this book, love this book. They don't write books like this any more. One of the best books of all time and something I can add to my classic re-read pile. Brilliant. 1000 stars but I can only give it 5+ stars.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

I’m a West Country lad. Born in Thornbury hospital, so I haven’t come far. Bath has felt like home to me since I first came here in 1988. I thought I was just passing through, but here I still am, and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

At school, I wasn’t academic but I still remember the time our English teacher read out one of my stories. It was the first time I heard my words coming back to me from someone else and that’s a thrill that I still feel just as keenly now. I loved books, particularly stories of adventure and I remember wanting to write one myself and wanting to put everything into it. Now I know that less is often more.

Life, and the necessities of earning a living, took me off in other directions for many years, but writing was always there in the background. Twelve years ago I became co-owner of The Raven and finally I had the time and the space to begin writing seriously.

I put out my quota of rubbish; did my ten thousand hours, and one day I was writing something, just working something out, nothing really to do with what I was working on, and there was Si’s voice in my head, telling me about what he was doing. I put down everything else and went with him, and I haven’t looked back since.

Now writing his story is what I do, by far and away the main focus of my life. The main reward I get is when people read my stories. It’s all I want. It’s great if they like them but the main thing is just that they read them.

Publisher Vision:

Rat’s Tales has successfully begun to reinvent the traditional publishing model by giving away all of its content for free online on the understanding that fans will then go on to buy physical books, in this case Rod’s first novel Go Fast (part of a series in current production). This explains why the Rat’s Tales creative team have so painstakingly illustrated, designed, and bound the book, blending traditional and state of the art methods and materials, to effectively position it as a premium offering.

Though competitively priced, Rod and Rebecca are driven by a desire to ensure readers and potential readers have the opportunity to enjoy the exploits of the chief character Simon Ellice in any medium, and not chase profits for their own sake. Once the book is in a bookseller's hands, most find its particular finish to be quite seductive and its successful admission into the hallowed halls of Waterstones and Daunts in London, as well as Bath’s own book shops (Mr B's, Topping's and Waterstones), testify to this.

Beyond these developments, Rat’s Tales are breaking another publishing taboo: we want to help unpublished authors publish their material providing they have employed a professional editor to polish manuscripts before submission. In response to a selective and often snobbish publishing world, we are sympathetic to the sometimes brutal treatment of authors and sees Rat’s Tales as a platform to nurture and support talented writers, local or otherwise.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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