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Get Ready For the Thrill Ride of Your Life. . . The Click by @Steveshearbooks #bookreview #thriller

Title: The Click

Author: Steve Shear

Genre: Futuristic Thriller, Science Fiction, Dystopian

Book Blurb:

In a futuristic society controlled by theocratic zealots, a retired CIA operative racing against time to save his young grandson from prematurely dying unravels a startling conspiracy and the frightening truth about himself.

The Click is a dramatic thriller set in the distant future when all humans reaching the age of seventy-five experience ‘the Click’ and peacefully die in their sleep; God’s chronological death sentence intended to prevent overpopulation according to conventional wisdom at the time.

Handsome Oliver Hitchcock, who looks to be in his late fifties, is a retired narcissistic C.I.A. operative, and lady’s man. He is also one of the lucky ones, a Beater. At seventy-eight he beat the Click and the aging process. His eleven-year-old grandson, Christopher, is not so lucky. Christopher, a Preemie, is prematurely in the throes of the Click and will die within the year if Hitchcock can't save him. To do so, Hitch must fight off the Church of Ecclesia and the Coalition United for Theocratic Oversight, the Cūtocracy, as well as Janine Rousseau, his past lover and strong-willed antagonist. But he has help including the president of the United States and a village hidden in India's heart of darkness.

My Review:

A thought-provoking book full of action, suspense, intrigue and hope. The reader of this book may take it on for a thrill ride - like you are watching a Bourne movie but there is more to this book than the action. The resonating theme must be that any blind following is not the right path. Those whose primary focus is to obfuscate and lie are not worth any loyalty. These messages come from a book based three-hundred or so years in the future, but they ring true today. The battle between good and evil, right and wrong and what is the right moral ground is the basis of this story. Those who love the non-stop thrill ride of The Matrix or The Bourne Conspiracy will love this book.

For me the way the book kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time was almost too much for me personally but I know that millions love that kind of story.

Get this book and get ready for the ride of your life.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

The Trials of Adrian Wheeler was my first published novel (L&L Dreamspell, 2011). It was awarded runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival 2015.

I am happy to say that The Trials of Adrian Wheeler has been optioned as a movie by EVW Entertainment (producer of the movie Break the Stage), and the screenplay has been written by Erik Wolter and me. EVWE is now looking for partners to produce the movie. Erik and I have collaborated on a sequel to the screenplay.

The Wild Rose Press published The Fountain of Youth, my second published novel, in May of 2017. It has received exceptional reviews, some of which appear on Amazon and Goodreads. Also, the stage play has just been completed.

My wife, Susan, and I collaborated on The State vs. Max Cooper and The Steele Deal (published by ArtAge Publications), courtroom plays in which the audience serves as the jury. Both are being produced around the country.

In addition to The Click, presently being published by The Wild Rose Press, I have three novels that have recently been completed: The First Coming, An Eye for an Eye, Black Hearts and Hungry Bears (a trilogy). I have written screenplays on these latter three and am presently collaborating with Erik Wolter on a screenplay based on The Click.

In my earlier days (for approximately forty years) I was an Intellectual Property attorney in Silicon Valley and Boulder Colorado and a painter/sculptor specializing in portraiture and the figure.

Social Media Links:

TWITTER - @steveshearbooks

Reviewed by: Mr. N

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