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A moving book that shows the power of the human spirit . . . Six Months by @AuthorMSedrak #bookrevie

Title: Six Months

Author: Mona Sedrak

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

For twenty years, Mikala Jacobson had it all: loyal friends, a precious little girl, and a man who adores her. Then double tragedy strikes and her perfect world shatters. Good friends, Rena and Jake are instantly by her side, protecting her from her husband David’s sordid secret life and his final drunken confession.

With their help, Mikala finds strength to rebuild and redefine her life. As her spirit and heart heal, she not only finds closure, but the beauty of a new love built upon an old friendship.

Editorial Reviews

“SIX MONTHS is by no sense a quick and easy read. Nor should it be. The topics explored deserve time and attention be paid in order to adequately understand the way grief works and how the healing process begins. This is, in no uncertain terms, a book that you should take your time to read, experience, savor, and learn from.” – Author Peggy Jaeger

“For readers seeking an emotional journey, Six Months will make you smile, cry, and root for the main character as she suffers more losses than any wife or mother should in their lifetime. Themes woven throughout the story including hope, love, the meaning of family, and guilt, offer something for everyone who has dealt with life's tragedies. Relatable, emotional, and worth the read!” Author Kim Miller

“Six Months is a romantic and dramatic work of women’s fiction by author Mona Sedrak. Written in a very intriguing style, the action of the novel takes place in increments of six months, centering around the main character, Mikala Jacobson. Once upon a time, Mikala had an ideal life with a beautiful little daughter and a loving husband, but sometimes fate can be cruel. After the devastating loss of both her daughter and husband, Mikala has to face some even more devastating truths surrounding the circumstances of both deaths. With friends by her side, this is a tale of a woman learning to heal and finding new love in a world of darkness.” Readers’ Favorite

My Review:

This tale is a trying one on the reader. Dealing with horrific loss is something no one wants to face but many of us sadly do. Micky deals with one major loss after another and her trials are beautifully portrayed here.

One can gain strength just by reading how Micky is able to battle through that which could have destroyed her. The depth of the relationship between Jake and Micky is what carries this book.

A moving book that shows the power of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness.

For me, something concrete in terms of negative consequences for Leslie would have made this a better read. Further, a bit more fleshing out of Jake and Micky would have been nice too.

Still a powerful book that takes on loss without any holds barred and shows the power of one person to deal with and survive.

Warning: Harsh Language

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Mona Sedrak lives a double life. By day, she is a suit-wearing, prim and proper, professor, administrator, researcher, and lecturer. By night, she is a PJ wearing dreamer and writer of books that make people sigh, smile, cry, laugh, and fall in love. She lives in Ohio with her husband of thirty-two years, a cranky, geriatric maltipoo, and an obnoxious Amazon parrot who runs the house and terrifies its inhabitants.

Mona discovered the joy and escapism that comes from reading at the age of twelve and swears books saved her life and her sanity. Through reading, she has travelled the globe and learned all kinds of equally useful and useless skills such as: crocheting, the proper way to eat a pomegranate, carve a watermelon, or bathe an elephant. These skills she has passed down to her two daughters who are incredibly supportive, but often wish she had a wider scope of hobbies.

Mona has a long publishing history in academia, but she started writing fiction recently.

Social Media Links:

Twitter @AuthorMSedrak

Instagram authormonasedrak

Reviewed by: Mr. N

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