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Lupine by @SerenaDracis is a Fall Into These Great Reads Pick #paranormalromance #giveaway #PNR

Title: Lupine

Author: Serena Dracis

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Alisa Nelson's life is simply perfect—fight for the environment and party in Seattle's club scene. Until Geremy St. Audlin, her scrumptious new client rocks her world. Her goal: get the permits finalized for his new wolf preserve, then get him out of her life. Before his piercing amber gaze and searing touch lures her into breaking her cardinal rule—never mix business with pleasure! Geremy is immediately captivated by Alisa's sultry sensuality. He wants the crusading, passionate woman not the frosty attorney. He pulls her into the beautiful but dangerous world of the lupine en-malat. While in the Other, beyond the Veil, his Pack confronts an ancient menace. What should have been a simple case turns deadly, and Alisa is now in a fight for her life. Will Geremy be able to show her that love and tenderness can still prevail in the wild realms of the Other?


He was perfect.

Alisa looked at the man again, trying to discover some fault in him, but there was none. His hair was the deep gold of dark honey and rough stubble darkened his chin. One shining lock drooped playfully into his eyes, and he ran a hand absently across his brow to push it back. Alisa wished it were her fingers raking through his hair. Frustrated, she bit her lip and twisted a lock of her white-blonde hair around a finger.

The long-sleeved black T-shirt he wore clung to his chest and shoulders, and Alisa let her eyes slide down his perfect outline. He had the solidly sculpted look of a man who worked out to keep himself fit but wasn’t obsessed about pumping iron. Right now, she thought his nipples were the best part of him, upright and firm, pressed against the material of the shirt. She wanted to bite them.

He sat some distance away from her reading a book that absorbed him completely, giving her freedom to study him at her leisure. She’d noticed him earlier in her neighborhood bookstore and was intrigued the moment she laid eyes on him. Tall, beautiful, he smelled like a forest. She knew this, because she’d brushed against him “accidently” as she’d followed him around through the aisles.

What? No, no. It’s not stalking. Naw, I’m just browsing like you. Looking for a new book. Isn’t it funny that we both still read real books? Really, I wasn’t following you, or staring at your oh-so-tasty body. Sorry to rub up against you, but these aisles are just sooo narrow!

At least that’s what she might’ve said to him. But his gorgeous eyes had blazed when she brushed her body against his—literally glowing, their fierce amber beauty marred by the slight frown that creased his brow when their gazes locked. Little butterflies in her stomach took flight, beating soft wings frantically beneath her skin.

Sparks! Those are definitely sparks. The wash of his scrutiny was a living, palpable thing that gripped her by the throat and held her up for inspection. For a few breathless moments, she had actually felt pressure on the sides of her neck. Her heart had sped up and a frisson of fear shivered through her, urging fight or flight. Spurred to bolt rather than to hold his gaze and flirt as she’d intended, she’d dropped her eyes, murmured an apology, and hurried down the aisle.

Reaching the end of the stacks, she’d berated herself for chickening out and for her hasty retreat from Mr. Perfect, disgruntled that she’d wasted the opportunity to chat and get his digits. Alisa had a bad streak that often prompted her to do something enjoyably sinful, but it failed her utterly here. She didn’t want to look pathetic by going back into the maze of shelves and seeking him out again, so she paid for her book and wandered outside to read.

Mr. Perfect strolled out a few minutes later thumbing through his selection. Alisa hummed with pleasure when he sat down a few tables away.

Man-watching! One of my favorite activities. Her friend Krista referred to it as “observing wildlife.” Which was funny coming from a girl who never set foot off the paved and manicured paths of the local city parks. She’d appreciate this one! Alisa let her lips curve lightly. She pulled out her phone and snapped a quick pic of Mr. Perfect. In a flash, she sent it on to Krista with the message:

—Yummy day—look what I found!—

Krista always had her phone with her and texted back immediately:

—Go git ’im, grrl!—

—Hotter than those super-muscled comic book heroes you fantasize about!—

Alisa snickered as she tapped.

—You’d jump a thunder god too if given the chance.—

The man in front of her had it all over her movie crush. Her phone buzzed; Krista agreed with her, but also urged:

—It’s Friday! Take the rest of the day off and have some fun!—

Alisa tapped back:

—Wish I could. Gotta get back and chase a couple of leads.—

Krista sent back a frowning face, then one sticking its tongue out. Alisa laughed.

It was beautiful and sunny, so she and Mr. Perfect were both enjoying the weather and warmth after the last few days of spring rain in Seattle. Alisa donned large-framed sunglasses. All the better to study him covertly. She held a new copy of a classic romance open in front of her, but how could she focus on reading?

Shamelessly, Alisa feasted her eyes on him, trying him in different scenes in her head. Although undecided which one pleased her most, they all involved skin and sweat and heat. At last he seemed to sense he was being watched, for his head twitched like a wild animal that has caught the scent of a predator.

Or prey, Alisa thought. The tension in his shoulders, and the way his eyes flicked from side to side told Alisa he was actively searching for something. Looks like he wants to catch and eat whatever it is. She had no trouble picturing him as a lean and feral hunter.

Dreamily, a new image rose in her mind and sketched an unexpected theme in her fantasizing—him hunting her. Deep inside her core, a fiery liquid energy woke and threaded through her, leaving a delicious, heated trail along her nerves. Her breath quickened as she played it out in her mind—the chase and the catch. The images were so vivid, she could smell his scent and feel his body pressed into hers when he caught her and took her to the ground.

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What makes this book a must-read and/or what inspired you to write this story:

I have always had a fascination with the paranormal and werewolves, but I wanted to write about a different kind of shifter. These aren’t “werewolves” in the classic sense, this is not a physical transformation of human into wolf. It is a soul-bond, that forms between a human and a wolf.

I was inspired to write about this new breed of shifter, because I was lucky enough to work closely with wolves when I was an exotic animal trainer at the San Diego Zoo. I even named two of Geremy’s wolf pack, Akila and Nocona, after them. I wanted to share a little about how it feels to be up close, and personal with these amazing animals through my writing.


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Author Biography:

I’ve cuddled with wolves and cheetahs, and called hawks out of the sky. I’ve helped bring people back from the dead. Now, I write. Stories of Other realms, paranormal topics, romance novels and spicier tales. If you love weird, if you are fascinated by the strange and mysterious – you will love my books.

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