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Echoes of Love by @ncsamuelson is a Trick or Treat Book Bonanza Pick #supernatural #romance #womensf


Author: N. Christine Samuelson

Genre: Women’s Fiction; Supernatural Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

What if the mysteries of your life began before you were born, and reach into your future? Like echoes reverberating from lifetimes ago controlling their present lives and directing their futures, Carson and Cody are haunted by their pasts. What makes their lives worth living? How do they move forward after losses so devastating they believe they'll never love again? Carson, an artist from Santa Fe moves to Montana to begin a new life. But an unexpected encounter brings her into conflict with Cody, an architect and ranch manager from Wyoming. The immediate power and beauty of their connection is as spectacular as the landscapes they walk through, but just as fated, unpredictable and complex. Their seemingly unresolvable conflicts span geography and time, from the tangible beauty of the American West through an elusive journey echoing over hundreds of years and two continents.

Even with best intentions, nothing is guaranteed except one thing, and only they can discover it.


Robert continued the tarot reading without missing a beat, as if he’d known Carson would agree to go on. “There has been love and betrayal from beyond the grave; friendship, hardship, dark as night, then blinding light; death and life and back again; torrid affairs, heat as intense as the passion in the soul. Hearts are tethered, spirits combined, promises made and broken. A soul is immobilized by fear and guilt. Choose wisely. Trust the love and courage in your heart, the knowledge that comes from moving between life and death with love as the reason and the way.”

Carson’s thoughts whirled, overloaded with emotion. She jerked her hand from his.

“Don’t be upset. You have the potential for great love, or great pain if you move on, or you can stay and ...”

She interrupted him. “Oh, no. I can’t stay and continue to live the life I’ve had the last six years. It’s time to move on and get it right.”

He smiled in admiration. “That’s the fighting spirit you’ll need. This is a last chance to find out if you’ll overcome adversity, if you’ll sink or swim.” He shuddered with those last words, a coldness wrapping around him like a watery death on a winter day.

“You’re scaring me now.”

“I don’t mean to. I only mean to help. Be safe, make good choices, open your heart and mind to the wisdom of this world and beyond, and you’ll be fine. You know that, don’t you?”

Carson wiped away a lone tear. “I guess I do. But I want to know for sure if I make this journey, I’ll get my reward. Can you promise me that?”

Robert flashed a wide grin. “I’m a spiritual counselor, not God. There are no guarantees because you have free will to make your own decisions and choose your own path. One thing you can depend on, however, is if you reach for the hand of spirit and love—whatever that is to you—when you need it, a wealth of help and guidance will be there.”

“Okay,” she whispered, rubbing her eyes in exhaustion.

“Before we end the session, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?”

She laughed to fight back tears. “No, I think we’ve about covered it. I mean, what more is there than the rest of my life? I feel overwhelmed.” Collecting her purse and her thoughts, she regrouped. “But what did all that mean—when you talked about love and loss, tethered hearts, love spanning time?”

Robert drummed his fingers on the table, weighing his words carefully, deciding to keep his perceptions general. “They were glimpses into your life connections, the past, the future—like riding on a speeding train, looking out the window and seeing scenes rush by that are real and present, just moving too fast to pick up the details. Did any of those images or feelings seem familiar?”

“Yes. Your words came fast, but I sensed things as you did—and felt the emotions connected with them.”

“Good. It means they were valid, real. As far as the specifics of where and when in the future, that will play out through your choices. But they will, I have no doubt.”

“Thank you, Robert. This reading was insightful.”

He walked her to the door and gave a warm hug. “Godspeed and many blessings to you, my dear, for a safe journey. I will keep you in my prayers.”

“I do appreciate them and thank you again.” When she reached her car, she turned to wave and noticed something she hadn’t before. There was a painted ceramic tile hanging to the left of his door—a picture of an archangel with great wings spread, strong arms outstretched in protection of the world below. As Robert stood there, a shaft of light came across his face and for a fleeting moment his face resembled the image on the tile.

Just then Robert placed his hand over the tile and whispered a prayer of protection for Carson. Doing so brought up a memory from the depths of his subconscious, loosed by the prayer, her presence and her reading: He’d known Carson’s soul before, and had seen her near death in another time and place. He’d accidentally caused her death in that time and vowed as he lay dying next to her to always protect her. Even he, accustomed as he was with receiving memories of his and others’ past lives, got chills through his body with reconciling their connection and his vow. He often had clients who had a soul connection to himself; it was why they were drawn to him for a reading. Some clients became friends, others he never saw again but he knew he’d helped them on their journey.

With Carson, he felt different. Their connection was very strong and enduring, over ages of time, with a bond created by death and a vow of protection. So much made sense to him now. Unruffled and unafraid of what he’d perceived, he knew he’d help her again when she needed him. As she drove out of view, her reading flashed back into his mind, but only the card of ‘DEATH’ lingered. Looking to the sky he whispered, “Forgive me, but I could not tell her that in her case, its meaning might be literal.”

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If you could dress up as anything or anyone this Halloween, what or who would it be and why?

A medieval queen such as Guinevere. I’ve always had the feeling of knowing what it’s like to live in a castle in medieval times, to dress in those period clothes, to be married to a king. I’ve used this intuitive knowing for a past life story in this novel which is the beginning of the conflicts in the contemporary relationship between the two main characters. I am very comfortable and ‘at home’ with all aspects of this time period in history, as real as if I actually lived then. Maybe I did?

Explain why your featured book is a treat to read:

The theme revolves around love through the ages of the same two souls. Readers will find lots of mystical, supernatural elements woven into and integral to the storyline: powerful déjà vu, ghosts, spirits bringing messages & guidance from beyond; tarot readings, psychic mediums, clairvoyance, and a 300-year-old murder that affects the present-day characters’ relationship. There’s plenty of suspense, mystery, magic, love and passion to give you a spooky read but with heartwarming, realistic characters in gorgeous settings.


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Author Biography:

Christine Samuelson has been a lifelong writer in many professional and personal capacities, but now writes the kinds of stories she loves—about life and love’s challenges, tragedies and victories. Her overall themes deal with the eternal bonds of love that transform lives and transcend time. Her characters and plotlines are grounded in reality but have a touch of mysticism and mystery. Writing is the way she shares the tragic, the magic, the joys and triumphs of everyday life.

From living in 14 cities in 10 states, with years of travel and three different careers, she's acquired a wealth of personal, professional, and life experiences. They inspire the diverse settings, characters, and authentic storylines of her novels written in a unique voice.

Christine lives in coastal South Carolina where the people, land and sea are constant sources of inspiration. She hopes readers of her books will be inspired to look at life and love through a different lens and realize that no matter your circumstances, we all share similar stories in our lives and our hearts.

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