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New Release | A Flame Rekindled by Evelyn Timidaiski #romanticsuspense #romance #bookboost #newrelease

Title  A Flame Rekindled


Author   Evelyn Timidaiski


Genre   Romantic Suspense


Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


As second-in-command of Brandon’s Brigade, a paramilitary group, Jackson Favre is comfortable following orders and getting things done. Left in charge when Brandon leaves on a secret mission, Jackson is determined to keep everyone safe. When he walks into his office and finds the love of his life, Charlene Bowman, his tightly reined control, slips. Jackson must come to terms with his lost love and the woman she has become.


Charlene Bowman is supposed to be dead. She comes out of hiding to work for Brandon’s Brigade. A sharpshooter and computer whiz, Charlene will guard Brandon’s wife. She isn’t prepared for her rekindled love for Jackson. Can she find the courage to overcome her past and tell Jackson about her attack and their child?




Jackson pushed open the door and was met with a breathtaking sight—long feminine legs leading upward to a curvaceous bottom encased in snug shorts. Concentrating on her unpacking, she didn’t notice his entrance. Each move she made tightened the fabric across her hips. His pulse quickened. This could prove interesting. “Hello, cher. I’m Jackson. Welcome to the team.” Her back stiffened, and she dropped what she had in her arms. She stood upright and slowly turned around. Jackson had only a moment to catch his breath before he came face-to-face with his past. Here was the reason for his unease. Her glossy brown hair hung to her chin where it curled under and hugged her cheeks. That stubborn chin lifted into the air with challenge. Her eyes sparked blue fire, and shadowed pain haunted their depths as she gave him a straightforward look. At five feet, nine inches, she was tall but still had to look up at him. His heart nearly stopped and then began to race frantically. “Charlie! You’re dead,” he blurted.


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Author Biography


Mrs. Timidaiski lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi with her two dogs. She has four grandchildren and two adult children. She loves to watercolor, quilt, and take nature photographs.


Mrs. Timidaiski is currently published with The Wild Rose Press. She has published three Romantic Suspense novels, Brandon’s Brigade Book One:  A Soldier’s Honor, Brandon’s Brigade Book Two:  A Flame Rekindled, a Western, A Wylder Homecoming, and one Fantasy, Tiponi. She also published two romances with the former Desert Breeze Publishing, Holly and Snowflake Christmas and Return to Snowflake.


Writing about ex-military, cops, and Native Americans are three of her favorite topics. Her books are fast-paced and character-driven. She loves writing across genres.



N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Evelyn, for sharing your new release with our readers!

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