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5+ stars for A Perfect Brew by Kate Berberich #romance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: A Perfect Brew (A Destination Romance novella set between Picture Imperfect and A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday)

Author: Kate Berberich

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


Dan Lewis is a man on a journey—and not just the summer tour of Prague. He’s escaping his past and embracing the sweetness of his new love and new career with equal fervor. But old instincts are strong. When his younger sister, who he’s taken care of all his life, joins them for her graduation trip, it stirs bitter memories of their history and all the things he did to keep them safe.


Lacey Devere is savoring every drop of summer, visiting romantic locales and reveling in long, steamy nights with Dan. She dumped her past mistakes down the drain and embarked on their bold new future together. However, she’s learning love is more than just sugar and cream.


Together Dan and Lacey learn true love means accepting your partner’s imperfections and blending the bitter with the sweet. And sometimes, the best family is the one you find for yourself.


My Review:


A Perfect Brew is a perfect complement to Kate Berberich’s Destination Romance series. It has everything I loved in the first two books: great characters, historic, romantic locations, and a spark of love and sensuality that ties it all together.


This series follows the lives of two flawed characters. Lacey Devere is a young woman with a wild past she’d like to forget. Dan Lewis is former pickpocket who knew how to help himself to some the wealth of the wealthiest. He’s older than she. They’re an unlikely couple, but that unlikeliness is exactly what makes this series so incredibly endearing.


In this book, Lacey, Dan, and his younger sister, Dylan, are on a coffee tour of Europe starting with the Czech Republic. Yes, all things coffee. It’s Dan’s gift to his younger sister for graduating with her doctorate. The siblings had a rough life, and Dan spent years as a pickpocket to help support his sister.


Underneath the historic beauty of the Czech Republic and the love between Lacey and Dan, this book is really a dual character study. Dan fights to break the long-held habit of roaming the streets at night to pickpocket. Dylan is learning that her past is actually a thing of the past. And Lacey is ready to do whatever it takes to help them—even if it is strolling the streets of Prague in the middle of the night.


This novella is a charming, captivating romance that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a short, delightful read that doesn’t require you to have read the first two books. That’s the talent of Ms. Berberich—she immerses the reader into the characters so well that you feel as if you’ve known them all your life.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


I am an author with a penchant for writing about strong, sassy ladies and the men they love (and cats!). I have a background in historic and theatrical costuming. I live in New York with my cat, Miss Toby Toebeanz, and lots and lots of books.


Picture Imperfect is my debut novel. The sequel, A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday, was released for the 2023 holiday season. A Perfect Brew, a Destination Romance novella set between Picture Imperfect and A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday will be on sale in digital format July 3, 2024.


Falling for the Cat Guy, a sweet, small-town Halloween romance (with cats!) is scheduled for release in paperback and digital formats September 9, 2024.


Social Media Links:


FB: Kate Berberich, Author

Tumblr: kateberberichauthor

Twitter: @KateBerberich

You can also find me at Goodreads, BookBub, and Pinterest.


Reviewed by: Terry

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