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5+ stars for A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday by Kate Berberich #holidayromance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday (Destination Romance Book Two)

Author: Kate Berberich

Genre: Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:


Lacey Devere is looking forward to her first holiday season with the love of her life. Unfortunately, her sister’s wedding wiped her out. But is it just stress? Or are she and Dan facing the prospect of another passenger on their new journey together?


Dan Lewis thought he had it all—a new legitimate career and an amazing woman he loves. But his new beginning is off to a rocky start. A robbery took place on the last tour, and he has no alibi. Can he live down his past, or will his and Lacey’s first holiday season together be their last?


As the Christmas tour progresses through London, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, and Vienna, they’ll deal with everything from bungled reservations to lost luggage—as well as a couple of life’s biggest questions—with their trademark blend of humor and love. Most of all, they’ll figure out how to build a life together.


My Review:


Even happily-ever-afters have speed bumps.


Lacey Devere and Dan Lewis are back to prove the bumpy road of love is perfectly imperfect—but well worth the effort.


 A companion to Picture Imperfect, this story takes place during the Christmas season. Their first Christmas together, the couple is determined to make it Christmas-card perfect. But the universe has other ideas.


Lacey and Dan come to their relationship with flawed pasts. She had lived a wild life she’d like to forget. He’s a former pickpocket. Both are willing to start over for love.


Their first Christmas together starts out less than perfect. Dan’s worried his past has caught up with him, and Lacey’s still recovering from the aftereffects of her sister’s wedding where she can’t seem to live down her former life.


Together they travel Europe’s most romantic locations, surrounded by luxurious accommodations.


Until they’re not. I winced along with Dan and Lacey at the mismanaged hotel reservations, boisterous soccer fans, rooms too hot, and less-than-functional furniture.


Throughout all the misadventures, Ms. Berberich deftly shows the love they have for each other. The cast is small, with most secondary characters making appearances via video calls. While that might be a problem for some authors, Ms. Berberich shines in writing the intimacy this couple shares.


In this story, we get better acquainted with Dan’s sister, Dylan, and Lacey’s father. And even though it’s through video calls, the author still brings out their personalities.


Ms. Berberich is a talented storyteller, who gifts her readers with characters who leap off the page and settings so descriptive you feel as if you’re touring Europe with Lacey and Dan.


As much as I loved the author’s first book, I love A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday even more.


Even if you haven’t read the story of how this couple found each other, you can enjoy this stand-alone volume. It’s the perfect story to read with a cup of hot chocolate after you’re done wrapping the presents.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


I am an author with a penchant for writing about strong, sassy ladies and the men they love (and cats!). I have a background in historic and theatrical costuming. I live in New York with my cat, Miss Toby Toebeanz, and lots and lots of books. Picture Imperfect and A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday are the first two books in my Destination Romance series.


Social Media Links:


FB: Kate Berberich, Author

Tumblr: kateberberichauthor

Twitter: @KateBerberich

Pinterest: kateberberichauthor

You can also find me at Goodreads and BookBub. 


Reviewed by: Terry


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