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5 stars for A Portion of Malice : Ages of Malice, Book I by @LloydJeffries2 #thriller #suspense

Title: A Portion of Malice : Ages of Malice, Book I

Author: Lloyd Jeffries

Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Supernatural Suspense

Book Blurb:

A Thriller for Thinkers! A brazen, edge of your seat tale of God, humanity, and the battle between good and evil. A Portion of Malice is a fast paced, religious thriller that explores the razor’s edge between sanity, lunacy, and the cost of every choice. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick presses a pistol to his temple. Then there’s a knock at the door. Billionaire Thaddeus Drake hires Emery to write his biography. But Drake has a dark secret, and Emery quickly discovers he heads an ancient, secret society which aims to fulfill prophecy and sacrifice the Earth to a bloodthirsty God. Deep and emotionally stirring, Emery finds himself plunged into an immortal world of darkness, deceit, and barbarity. This thought-provoking thrill-ride chronicles one man’s explosive journey into the apocalypse and one man’s epic quest to confront God as an equal. A captivating odyssey through history and time, A Portion of Malice changes the conversation about spirituality, redemption, and the world in which we live. If you enjoy works by Ken Follett and Dan Brown, you’ll be blown away by A Portion of Malice’s controversial plot and surprise twist ending. It’s the first book in the epic series, Ages of Malice. Humanity hangs by a slender thread! Can one man make a difference? Challenge your paradigms, buy your copy today.

My Review:

Not many books are simply a nonstop page turner. This book takes hold of a reader and doesn't let go. The subtle shifting of time by using clearly defined chapters with titles is brilliantly done.

There are several main characters in this first book of a gripping series. Drake is one of the main while Emery is graced with the other POV. Nonstop action that is edge of your seat exciting. If you do have a weak stomach, you may want to take it easy on some of the action scenes. Realism with a capital R is the raison d'etre of this work.

Fans of Dan Brown will certainly want to get into this series on book one. Epic in style and premise, this book doesn't disappoint. Once you have finished book one, you will be desperate to get your hands on the second book. A spectacular start to what should be an award-winning series.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Author Lloyd Jeffries enjoys dark comedies, philosophy, clever turns of phrase, religious studies and thought experiments involving the esoteric and legendary. A decorated veteran of numerous conflicts, he served in the U.S. military and has practiced Emergency, Trauma and Wilderness medicine for more than twenty years. He hides out in Florida with his family and Buck the Wonder Dog.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Nov 15, 2022

I like the phrase "A Thriller for Thinkers" !! Best of luck with your book, Lloyd.

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