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4.75 stars for A Shot at Justice: A Vigilante Story by Karla Jay #thriller #vigilante #bookreview

Title: A Shot at Justice: A Vigilante Story

Author: Karla Jay

Genre: Thriller, Vigilante Fiction

Book Blurb:

Wyatt Dardin is an artist and successful junkyard operator, with a girlfriend and two beautiful dogs. He believes his violent childhood is behind him until a child shows up with a broken arm and a story about his abusive father. Unable to stand idly by, he confronts the man and inadvertently kills him. He makes the body disappear on his property realizing whether it’s justified or wrong, it finally feels good to be doing something to stop abusers. As his childhood resurfaces, he sets out to find his mother, a woman who fled his father’s abuse all those years ago. Is she still alive? On the journey west, another story of abuse arises. Should he kill again and if so, how many killings are enough to scare potential abusers from committing an act they should pay for? He briefly befriends a young man, who’s mentally broken due to his father’s abuse. Wyatt takes pity on him and helps him. This act of kindness sparks a series of events that puts everything and everyone Wyatt holds dear in grave danger. Has his shot at justice been worth it?

My Review:

This is a book that animal lovers will embrace and totally empathize with. There are few triggers in the world that impact so many like an animal being abused. It almost generates a basic instinct. Those offended by this behavior are nearly driven to act to protect the defenseless creatures. Here, the logical step forward is not to just protect but avenge.

The lead character of Wyatt is a troubled mess who was imprinted with the impact of animal cruelty against him at a very young age. The impetus for his behaviors is worthy of a long psychological study. The author does an admirable job of showing the layers upon layers of the complex Wyatt.

The character development is top notch, and you can really feel for the central characters. His girlfriend’s character is left a bit more as an enigma. This is truly representative of how Wyatt tries to piece her into his relationship tree. There are action scenes that are intense and very well written. The overall core image of him stridently protecting animals at any personal cost to himself will warm the hearts of many readers.

There is but one tiny issue in this book. You have a former CIA operative who spent years in the field. At one point in the book, he is helpless to defend himself when attacked. Later in the book, his CIA training comes in hand as he is able to defend himself. For consistency, Wyatt either has to be able to defend himself all the time...or not. It just doesn't work to have it cut both ways.

If you can't stand the abuse of animals, then this is a must read for you. A very well-done book that deserves to be widely read. A truly wonderful presentation of the feelings that many get when they witness the pitiful abuse of animals.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

Karla M. Jay is the award-winning author of When We Were Brave, It Happened in Silence, and The Puppet Maker's Daughter. She has wanted to write books since she was seven. Originally from the east coast, she makes her home in Salt Lake City. Over the years she has written in several different genres, ranging from humor to noir, but is always focused on stories of injustice. When she's not writing, she's reading, gardening, playing with her dog, or traveling to new places to try to find a story that has never been told.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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