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5+ stars for A Simple Matter of Hope and Joy by Nathan Menoian #audiobookreview #audiobook #fiction

Title: A Simple Matter of Hope and Joy

Author: Nathan Menoian

Narrator: Rich Germaine

Genre: Inspirational Fiction, Speculative Fiction

Book Blurb:

Eric David Matthews can’t imagine why God would select him for anything. He’s a longtime business owner with no interest in the Creator of the Universe, and no remaining zest for life. Unexpectedly, he meets a woman of devout faith who tells him what Jesus has done in her life.

In quick order, Eric turns his middle-aged and mundane life over to God. He soon finds himself in a whirlwind of divinely guided activity, discovering that the Lord will and can use anyone - young or old.

Though the weeks and months ahead aren’t all smooth sailing, Eric remains ever faithful as he experiences love, joy, sorrow, fear, and rejuvenation.

One demanding and persistent question keeps racing through his heart: Does God have a specific calling in mind for him? At just the right time, Eric receives the answer he’s been looking for, along with a brand-new zest for life.

My Review:

Story Impressions –

A spiritual journey is never simple, as this audiobook proves, but the experience is nothing short of joyful. I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook and its message. The narrator makes the characters and story come alive. We all wonder if God has a plan for us and can relate to everything Eric goes through. If you’re looking for an extra dose of zest in your life, you’ll want to give A Simple Matter of Hope and Joy a listen.

Narrator’s overall voice – Rich Germaine is a superb narrator, one of the best I’ve heard. His voice creates the imagery needed to follow the story.

Does the narrator fit the characters? There were many times I would close my eyes and could picture what was going on. Rich also invokes emotion while reading. Narrator’s reading style – Rich’s reading style is the perfect rhythm, allowing the listener to be fully invested in the story. Narrator’s impact on reading experience – Everything from his pacing to the inflection in his voice to the recreation of the characters to the emotional impact on the listener all combine to create an excellent reading experience. Narrator’s pacing – The narrator’s pacing is unhurried in parts, fast in others, which comes across as natural ebbs and flows of the story. It’s a superb performance. Audiobook flow – The flow of the audiobook is in harmony with the flow of the story. I immersed myself in the story and thoroughly enjoyed it. What makes this audiobook unique – What makes this unique is the storyline and the way Rich brought it to life. It wasn’t a reading, but a drama come to life. Would I recommend this audiobook – YES! I would recommend this to any reader looking for a speculative fiction to read. There is a full cast of characters and Rich brings each one to life. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

I was born in Michigan to parents of Armenian descent and attended public schools in Dearborn and West Bloomfield. Flying kites, bike riding, and neighborhood baseball games were part of my youth. Teamwork was a valuable life lesson I learned as a sprinter on my middle-school track team. At 19, I joined the U.S. Navy. Afterwards, I enrolled in college, earning a Journalism Degree from Oakland University. It was there that I invited Jesus Christ into my heart, becoming a born-again Christian. Throughout my years as a writer: From newspaper reporting, writing editorials, spending twelve years in the Advertising Department with a national discount retailer, publishing a monthly business magazine, and handling a variety of freelance work, I've been the recipient of many blessings, friends, and challenging opportunities. Both of my sons are successful in their chosen careers. Michigan remains my home, and authoring this book is the latest highlight in my writing experiences.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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