A Sweeter Spot by @donna_simonetta is a Book Series Starter pick #romance #mustread #giveaway

Title: A Sweeter Spot

Author: Donna Simonetta

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Magda is well aware that twenty-eight is too old to be running away from home. That’s why she prefers to think of her time in Rivers Bend as a brief sojourn from the real world. It’s an opportunity to help her best friend, while getting some much-needed distance from her powerful, controlling grandmother. Not to mention the advantage of being several states away from her spoiled, duplicitous ex-fiancé. She doesn’t expect to find her home in the small town. Or the love of an amazing man like Jeff. But her grandmother and ex aren’t giving up without a fight, and her time here comes with an expiration date. Can she figure out how to make this happy-for-now in Rivers Bend into her happily-ever-after?


“Being cheated on is no fun. It happened to me once. Up here,” he tapped his forehead. “You know it’s not your fault. But here,” he tapped his chest over his heart. “You feel like it has to be your fault – like you could’ve done something to prevent it. But you couldn’t have. It’s all on him, Maggie. Not you.”