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5 stars for Accidental Allies by Karina Bartow #mystery #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Accidental Allies

Author: Karina Bartow

Genre: Mystery


Book Blurb: 


Everybody’s experienced a rocky start to a new job, but few can top Minka Avery’s return to Orlando PD.


After six years as a stay-at-home mom, Minka’s nervous but excited to sit at a detective’s desk again. She and her partner, Renee Hart, don’t hit it off too well, but she endeavors to develop a bond. She hosts a dinner party to celebrate her return to work, but the night comes to an alarming end when someone bombs the county courthouse. 


​With many disillusioned with the justice system, several brow-raising suspects emerge right away. None prove to be the bomber, until Minka and Renee zero in on Silas Everett, a former security guard at the courthouse. He eludes them for weeks, wreaking havoc on the city and police department. Meanwhile, Minka contends with the lingering suspicion of another party being involved. Could his accomplice be closer than she thinks?


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My Review: 


A bombing at the county courthouse has Det. Minka shifting through clues and evidence to uncover the culprit. This is my first book by Karina Bartow, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The mystery is well-plotted with expert foreshadowing, descriptive narration, and a cast of characters that kept me invested. The premise is well-executed. All in all, Accidental Allies is a mystery worth reading.


Let’s start with the characters. I connected with Minka right away. She’s juggling being a mom while returning to the workforce. Her turmoil is honest and realistic. Many moms will relate to her. Minka is also a very good detective. She’s got a nose for investigating. The more clues she discovers, the harder she works. The rest of the characters bring this mystery to life. The suspect list is large which I liked. Each character is individual and has their own personality.


The mystery itself is written with precision. The plot progression flows well. The investigation is well detailed. There are a few twists I didn’t see coming. The ending was a surprise.


As a voracious mystery reader, I enjoyed Accidental Allies. I look forward to reading more from Karina Bartow.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Karina Bartow grew up and still lives in Northern Ohio. Though born with Cerebral Palsy, she’s never allowed her disability to define her. Rather, she’s used her experiences to breathe life into characters who have physical limitations, but like her, are determined not to let them stand in the way of the life they want. Her debut novel, "Husband in Hiding," came out in 2015, followed by "Forgetting My Way Back to You," in 2018 and "Brother of Interest" in 2022. She may only be able to type with one hand, but she writes with her whole heart!


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Reviewed by: Nancy

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Karina Bartow
Karina Bartow
Nov 20, 2023

So delighted you enjoyed it!

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