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ADELENE - The Violinist is a Christmas and Holiday Festival pick #sweetromance #holidayromance #sale

Title:  ADELENE - The Violinist  (A Musical Christmas Book 2 )


Author: Judy Ann Davis


Genre: Sweet Holiday Romance


Book Blurb:


FIRST PLACE - Oklahoma Romance Writers’ of America Contemporary Short Awards.


Adelene Almanza, an accomplished violinist and Spanish teacher, has only one Christmas wish—to buy an old decrepit schoolhouse and create a teen and literacy center in her small hometown of Bluestone Bluff, New York.


When she tries to attend the sale of the building, she is injured and must rely on her old boyfriend and owner of a construction company, Clay Ciaffonni, to help purchase the building and help with the renovations. But money is tight, and a demolition and salvage company is pressuring her to give up and sell.


Despite an act of vandalism, mounting costs, and a stray puppy, the couple pushes forward to restore the structure to its natural beauty. Will they discover the long-forgotten secrets of the old schoolhouse, hidden away in its boarded-up attic? And will the sparks of love ignite a second time for Adelene and Clay?


                       ~*~  A joyful novella to brighten your day! -  $1.99   ~*~




“This building and classroom could use some work, Miss Almanza.” Clay gestured toward a battered crate with even more battered toys in it. “Even the toys need help.”


“Sometimes the parents don’t have anyone to watch their children when they come here to learn, so they bring them along, and they take turns babysitting. It’s the best plan we have right now and the best set-up we can afford,” Adelene said.


She sighed and nudged him gently. “Everything in this old schoolhouse could use some money, mi amigo. Money is what I’m short of at the moment. But the building is going up for sheriff’s sale. I’m saving every penny I can to put a down payment on it when the public sale date is announced. If I can get a loan at the bank, I want to buy it.” And hopefully snag it for a song, a dance, and a very fervent prayer.


It was her dream to build a town literacy center. For the last year, she had been setting aside money from her other part-time jobs at the high school—where she taught Spanish, and her job at the A# Music Shop in Bluestone Bluff—where she managed the music shop and taught students who played stringed instruments. Her cousin, June Westberry, compensated her well for her efforts. Grant money paid for her ESL instructional hours where she taught for a couple of evenings a week at the old schoolhouse. It also paid the yearly rent of the classroom in the decaying building


From the left corner of the room and behind a room divider, a soft eerie cry, sounding like a whimper, disturbed the silence. Clay jerked upright and his hand shot out. He shoved Adelene behind him. His cautious gaze zeroed in on the divider. The soft wailing sounded again.


“What the—?” he stopped short as the cry grew more pronounced.


Adelene started forward, and he pushed her back again. “Just wait, mi amigo,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “You don’t know what’s on the other side of that divider.”


“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Clay. Who, or whatever it is, needs help.”


“Stay here,” he ordered and pointed a finger downward at the floor. He walked to the divider and peered cautiously over it. Grimacing, he blew out a breath of air, and turned toward her.


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Share a holiday family tradition:


Because our sons live in Alaska and South Carolina with wives and small children, it’s too difficult to travel to snowy Central Pennsylvania. We have a three-way Skype on Christmas day where we open presents from each other. It’s sheer internet chaos as everyone tries to talk at once or over each other. But there are plenty of laughs and warm wishes for the holiday season.


Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood?


Adelene – The Violinist  is a sweet holiday read featuring the theme of a second chance at love. The story revolves around a violinist and Spanish teacher who is trying to create a town literacy center—and the hero, owner of a construction company, who never stopped loving her. If you like puppies, snowstorms, cookies, and a touch of mystery, you’ll enjoy this joyful Christmas novella.


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs December 1 – 31


Drawing will be held on January 2, 2024.


Author Biography:


Multi-Award-Winning Author Judy Ann Davis began her career in writing as a copy and continuity writer for radio and television in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She holds a degree in Journalism and Communications and has written for industry and education throughout her career.


Over a dozen of her short stories have appeared in various literary and small magazines and anthologies, and have received numerous awards. She writes both contemporary and historical fiction and is best known for “writing romance with a touch of mystery.”


Her contemporary romantic suspense and comedy, Four White Roses, was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards, the Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Awards, and the American Fiction Awards. Her latest novel, Willie, My Love, was finalist in the American Fiction Awards as well. She has just finished her third novel, Courting Betsy, in the Ashmore Brothers western series.


When Judy Ann is not behind a computer, you can find her looking for anything humorous to make her laugh or swinging a golf club where the chuckles are few.


She is a member of Pennwriters, Inc. and Romance Writers of America. She divides her time between Central Pennsylvania and a warm southern location when cold winter winds blow.


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Dec 04, 2023

We do elf on the shelf, decorate & watch Xmas movies together!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 01, 2023

Thank you, Judy Ann, for sharing your book in our Christmas and Holiday Book Festival!

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