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5 stars for Alien Son: A Time Travel Science Fiction Adventure by @gskenneyauthor #timetravel #scifi

Title: Alien Son: A Time Travel Science Fiction Adventure (Sons of Aran)

Author: G. S. Kenney

Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Teen & Young Adult Sci-fi Action & Adventure eBooks, Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks, Colonization Science Fiction eBooks

Book Blurb:

A time-travel knot full of twists spans two worlds and five millennia.

It began as a mission to save an unspoiled world, but people are going missing. Now it’s a desperate battle to survive.

Present day – 24th century Earth

Mikel Pelerin, a young scientist, dreams of an accomplishment worthy of his famous father, the Aran native who became a martyr to save his home planet. Mikel travels to Aran for the chance of a major scientific breakthrough—to meet the elusive whynywir, Aran’s true natives. But it all goes wrong, and now Mikel needs help.

Future – 33rd century Earth

Time-traveling historian Aiana discovers a holo of the most famous person in history, the 24th-century world redeemer Taerlin. The way he looks at her is decidedly personal. It speaks to her across centuries—she must find him. But time travel to Taerlin’s century on Earth is impossible, even in theory. Following a legend that Taerlin is from Aran, Aiana braves her university’s threats to cut off her funding and begins a millennia-long search.

Taerlin is Mikel.

When Mikel meets the mysterious time-traveler Aiana, he is fascinated by her, but she dares not reciprocate his growing love. Aiana knows he must follow his destiny—Taerlin’s destiny—to die in the events that shape both Earth and Aran.

Click “Look Inside” to start reading Alien Son and find out if Mikel and Aiana can find a future together.

My Review:

A time travel extraordinaire that simply overwhelms a reader. Aiana is such a wonderful character, I was instantly drawn to her. The swirling of time can't even keep Mikel and her apart for long. In so many ways this book is about how even immense challenges can't interrupt fate.

I went and read the first book in this series to get a sense of the story. The effort was worth it. Now I can confess I addicted to this world. The world building was highlighted the last time.

Let me beat that synth drum here and say the world building is what makes this book so strong. There is a mystery here as to what went on in the past (or was it the future?) that keep the reader glued.

I truly spent more hours at night reading this book then I had planned. I was going to just read it at the office but got so caught up in it. A book that will be rewarding for every fan of this author. Fans of time travel fiction must read this book.

A truly amazing book that I really enjoyed reading!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Author G. S. Kenney writes romantic speculative fiction novels. Her first science-fiction romance novel Freeing Eden, published by Soul Mate Publishing, was a 2018 RWA Golden Heart® finalist. The Last Lord of Eden and A Warrior of Eden, also in the Ascent of Eden series, are now also available.

G. S. Kenney started reading early, and never stopped. In kindergarten, drawn in by a book with a picture of three witches at a cauldron, she learned to read by starting with Shakespeare's Macbeth and is in awe of her mother's patience. Now she writes stories of her own (and still loves Shakespeare). Interested in many fields, she studied the “Great Books” at St. John’s College, architecture at Harvard, and financial planning at Boston University. She has also conducted post-doctoral research in psychology at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, and developed software systems in use all over the world.

In addition to writing, G. S. Kenney is an avid photographer and world traveler, along with her husband, the love of her life. When not "on the road," they reside in Marin County, California, where a dream of having a lemon tree of their very own has somehow morphed into an entire citrus orchard. They have two children, a grand-dog, and two grand-cats. And a wonderful, tiny grandson, their newborn first.

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Reviewed by: Tiger


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