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Great book for less than a buck: Angels and Avalon by @CatherineMilos #99cents #paranormal

Title: Angels and Avalon

Author: Catherine Milos

Genre: Paranormal

Book Blurb:

Fed up with the antics of gods and their wars, the Archangel Gabriel takes refuge in a secret paradise. The only condition, he must protect Goddess’ treasure.

Driven by pride and darkness, Lucifer aims to dethrone God. Avalon is the perfect place of power and Adamina is the key.

Reincarnated, Adamina and Gabriel desperately try to find each other and stop Lucifer. But a soul can only take so much. Elizabeth McAllistar wants a new life free of Angels and Avalon.Will she be able to overcome the tragedy and the past that haunts her?


Not many mortal women survived the birthing of Angelic babies, especially if they were born with wings. He prayed Adamina’s experience would be different, thankful her race was strong. Raphael began to sing softly. He wound magic into his melody to soothe and relax Adamina further, his words caressing her and intoxicating her enough to free her from the awareness of her pain for a few moments. The third priestess returned with another, both arms full of what Raphael had asked for. He instructed them to lay the objects nearby. He knew she had been in labour since this morning, and cursed himself for letting her out of his sight for a moment. This labour had not been causing her too much difficulty and he had judged it would take a great while before the babe made its way into the world. He misjudged. The baby would come quickly.

“Okay Adamina, it’s time to push.”

Adamina began to flex her muscles, pushing the child out of her. She felt like she was on fire, but the water lapped at her, cooling her.

“Once more Adamina,” Raphael pleaded.

Ribbons of crimson snaked through the water.

Adamina took in a small breath and pushed, hard. She screamed out.

The baby slipped out of his hands and it tried to swim to the surface of the water. He secured the child and lifted it out. Raphael cut and tied the umbilical cord. The child screamed. He handed the child to the priestess not holding Adamina, to be toweled off and wrapped in a warm blanket. Adamina was shaking, but the worst was over. Raphael coached her through the after birth then gently lifted Adamina out of the water. The priestesses cleaned her with the hot water and toweled her off, wrapping her in blankets. They handed her the child. Raphael magically healed the tearing left by the child then applied ointment from his kit. Thankfully, the child did not have wings. Raphael relaxed. Adamina smiled at her baby.

“My little water child, my little Nerina,” Adamina cooed to her daughter.

One of the priestesses was behind her, supporting her so Adamina could sit up. Their heads all swivelled in the direction of snapping leaves and twigs and what sounded like a small army running through the forest. Uriel, followed by Tyrryal, Michael, and Ramiel rushed out of the trees.

“Congratulations brother, you’re a father,” Raphael said to Uriel without meeting his eyes.

“What is it?” Uriel demanded.

“A girl,” Raphael said softly.

Adamina smiled at him, “Her name is Nerina.”

“A girl?” The joy in Uriel’s eyes died away.

The others froze at the distaste in his voice.

“Adamina, the others and I will be gone for a while. We have something to take care of. Have some of the women come to stay with you while we are gone.”

“Uriel, don’t you want to see your child?” Adamina asked.

“I am sure she is beautiful,” Uriel called over his shoulder as he walked away. He left Adamina and his daughter to Raphael and the priestesses.

“Don’t worry, I will be here to help you,” Raphael soothed.

When she was able, Adamina was taken back to the house and settled into bed to rest. The priestesses all filtered into the house to cluck and coo over the blue-eyed little girl. Adamina stared at the ceiling. She knew Uriel had hoped for a son. Her daughter will never be short on love, Adamina vowed as she listened to the women below her room fretting over her little water girl. Adamina closed her eyes.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

Inspired by paranormal adventures on the prairies, Angels & Avalon brings together many different characters and elements and ideas. It sparked the creation of a whole world in my mind, which has several characters that all deserve their own books. It’s the one that started it all.

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Author Biography:

Catherine Milos is a best-selling Canadian author who has been writing stories since she could hold a crayon. She has published numerous creative non-fiction articles in journals, essays, poetry and occasionally the odd business writing piece. She finds the most enjoyment in writing novel-length fiction.

Aside from writing, Catherine’s passions include rescuing strays, creating and appreciating art, connecting with nature, and being amazed by the magic of life.

Catherine is a member of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists, Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Editors Canada, and a Publisher with SaskBooks.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
17 de abr. de 2020

Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your book in our 99 cents Book Sale!

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