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At Last by Susan Vaughan is a Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event pick #romanticsuspense #romance #weddings #giveaway

Title:  AT LAST


Author: Susan Vaughan


Genre:  Romantic suspense


Book Blurb:


Maid of honor Andie Devlin owes her life to her brother and his bride, and the least she can do is make sure their wedding is perfect. When Devlin Security Force’s sexiest operative Mike Pagano seems set on spending the weekend at her side, she longs to yield to the attraction, but fears that he’ll judge her for her wild-child past.

Mike wants to keep Andie safe from a suspected attack during the wedding. More than that, he admires her for rising above her past, and he wants her in his arms. When she learns her brother assigned him to be her bodyguard, she pushes him away… leaving her vulnerable.

Mike and DSF must act fast to find the threat, but they may have a secret weapon of their own—Andie.




The sound of feet pounding down the dock shot Andie to her feet just in time to face their owner, as Mike screeched to a halt. Her foolish heart thrilled into rapid beats. This man tangled up her insides in ways she didn’t understand, and all her senses seemed to open to his energy.


She lifted her chin. “You racing to a fire or something?”


Breathing hard, he bent and placed his hands on his knees. “What are you doing…down here…by yourself?”


“Don’t you have anything better to do than frighten people who just want to be left alone?”


 “Don’t you know…people are worr- wondering about you?” His breathing appeared to regulate, and he straightened.


“Why is it any of your business?” She couldn’t make herself stop challenging him, forcing the issue. Even if Cleo had sent him.


“Do you always answer questions with questions?”


“I can keep going if you can.” She hugged the oversize sweatshirt tighter around her. “Until you answer my first question.”


One side of his mouth ticked up before a slow smile spread over his face, tracing laugh lines around his wide mouth and making his dark eyes sparkle with mischief.


“My mom says I’m stubborn, but you have me beat.” He held up his hands in classic surrender, but took a step closer to the boat. “Truce. Okay, I was running because I heard a splash and was afraid you’d fallen in.”


That was a lie, well, maybe a tiny fib. She’d heard no splash, but never mind. He was still smiling the smile that made her all soft inside, made her want, a want she didn’t know if she could resist. She fisted her hands in the folds of the sweatshirt. “I can swim, Pagano, and I’ve been on boats since I was a baby. So who invited you here?”


“Back to questions, are we?” He planted a rubber-soled shoe on the deck. “Permission to come aboard?”


“I can’t stop you, can I?” She backed up as he joined her in the cockpit, which didn’t seem as spacious as before.


Taking a seat opposite her, he shook his head. “So what are you doing here?”


“I asked the first question, remember?”


Faster than she could react, he scooted across the deck and joined her on her cushion. “Softer seat over here.” He grinned. Again. “As I recall, asked and answered. I thought you might’ve fallen in. But I’ll let you off the hook. I came to explain about earlier.”


Her heart raced so hard she could hear its beat. Take a chance on him or not? “Not necessary. Go away.”


“Like hell.” His voice was burlap rough, his features tight with male emotion—impatience or frustration or both. “We were all over each other, and now you won’t listen to reason. What is it with you, Andie?”


She’d need hours to answer that. Like maybe never. She hiked up a shoulder. “I knew you were on duty. You got a call and had to go. What was that about?”


“It, um…” He raked fingers through his hair, mussing it adorably, dammit. “I told you, DSF operatives are making sure the wedding weekend goes smoothly. Had to put out a small fire.”


Her chest tightened. He’d hurt her, and now he was shutting her out again in a way she knew all too well. She only wanted an answer. “Then why—”


“Andie, no matter what happened, I can’t break protocol. I’d lose my job.” He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Please understand.”


She looked away from the pleading in his eyes. Except for his wanting to be honorable about the company, his replies were too rushed, bogus. Something more than simple wedding security was going on. Or she was being too sensitive, too defensive. Not the first time, admittedly.


“Protocol I get. I’ll let it go. For now.” She ought to brush away his hands, but couldn’t make herself move. “You explained, so you can leave now.”


He released her shoulders, but without touching, kept her in the circle of his arms, caging her from escape. Smart man. Before she could scoot away, he clasped her hands.


 “I’m not finished. Yes, I had to go, and I was pissed that I had to leave you. And pissed at myself that I resented having to do my job, a job that’s important to me. I’m sorry.”


Whoa, a man apologizing, actually saying the word sorry? A first. She faced him again. The sincerity in his eyes and the warmth of his hands cooled the toxic stew of resentment and whatever else inside her. She understood his feelings only too well. And she needed to remember she was no longer an impotent kid whose only recourse was anger and rebellion.


 “I was furious you ordered me around like some other men in my life, but I get your frustration.” She squeezed his hands and felt them relax.


At the company Christmas party, he’d shared experiences in Afghanistan as an M.P. and told her how DSF had recruited him because his commanding officer knew Thomas. As a take-charge operative and a Marine—once a Marine, always a Marine, never ex—he would bark orders again, but she could handle that better next time.


Besides, whatever was between them was just for now. He didn’t know her, really know her or what she’d done, what she’d been.


“So will you have to run off to put out another fire?”


His arms wrapped around her and heat simmered in his eyes. “I’m off duty. The only fire I’m interested in is right here.” Mike lowered his mouth to hers, and the pressure of his lips made her senses reel. The rasp of his beard stubble against her skin turned her insides to melted marshmallow.


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When at last bridesmaid and former wild-child Andie is ready to trust hunky Devlin Security operative Mike with her heart, she learns he’s only there to protect her body, so she pushes him away…leaving her vulnerable. Grab your flak vest and read At Last today!


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Runs June 7 – June 19, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on June 20, 2024.


Author Biography:


Occasional bouts of insomnia led to Susan Vaughan's writing career. When she couldn't sleep, she made up stories to fill the long dark nights. Her favorite books have always been mysteries and romances, so the mix in romantic suspense was a natural. Her stories throw the hero and heroine together under extraordinary circumstances and pit them against a clever villain. Besides curling up with a good book, Susan enjoys walking her dog, boating, traveling, and gardening. A former teacher, she is a West Virginia native, but she and her husband have lived in Maine for many years. She is the author of 16 novels and one children’s book, another on the way. Find her at


Social Media Links:


Twitter: @shvaughan or 

Amazon Author page: 

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Thank you, Susan, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Weddings Event!

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