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Awakening to a New Reality by Janice Dolley @sleepylionLtd is a Book Heaven Wednesday pick #books

Author: Janice Dolley with Ursula Burton

Genre: Self-help, Spiritual, After-Death Communication

Publisher: Sleepy Lion Publishing

Book Blurb:

It was a surprise when conversations with her friend Ursula started only three hours after she passed.

Her messages from the beyond indicate a step forward from our present third-dimensional reality to greater and higher levels of experience.

Whether on a plane or settled in the Island of Iona, Janice's conversations with Ursula across death bring messages of inter-dimensional co-operation. Awakening to a new reality embraces the new shift that is here; we are taken on an inspiring journey where we find that Love is the Way.

'If you feel that this turbulent world is becoming ever more chaotic, mis-managed and violent, read this book.

If you have a glimmering sense that there is more to life than what you can see, read this book.

If you experience moments of clarity about life's path, you're onto something. Read this book.

The book may look a bit odd at first glance, but it has confirmed what has been dawning for me over half a century of helping to stop people killing each other. This is that inner exploration, self-awareness and listening to a voice from within the heart, make our work in the world - whatever it is - ten times more effective (as well as a lot more joyful). Why? Because it connects us to a greater whole, to the higher consciousness that Einstein knew was essential to solve the global problems we now face.'

Dr. Scilla Elworthy,

Founder of Peace Direct,

author of The Business Plan for Peace”


“No sooner had I settled in my seat on the plane then – wham – Ursula was there in front of me. I could see her, in an inner kind of way, and I could feel her energy; she was smiling, radiant even.

My notepad was in my hand luggage above my head. I was in a window seat and the adjacent seats were occupied. As she came with great delight into my conscious awareness, I grabbed for the only paper available, which was the paper mat placed ready for the meal tray we would be served. However, my pen is never far from my hand.

This is what she said just three hours after she had passed over on 6 October 1993, at 3 pm.

‘I can see what you are thinking, I can see thought.’

‘How are you feeling?’ I asked.

‘Fine, a bit shaky but fine – it is freedom, glorious freedom. But Janice, the pain of breaking free was awful. I’m not sure I could have done it without the medicine. Joyce is right, there’s pain in birthing and pain in dying. But it’s nothing, really nothing to be frightened of.

It’s all very new, as you can appreciate but I’m glad we have established connections so early on. We’ll use this for real work later! Meantime - just be with it - the apparent separation I mean - be with me - or what was me - the part I’ve left behind. Along with it (the body) I feel I’ve left my ordinariness - all those everyday needs and concerns which we all have and which are so restricting but necessary. You know how I used to fret at the limitations? Well, I can see that that is exactly what they are, limitations imposed, as part of the conditions of learning through what we have called life. But that’s a misnomer. Life is so much MORE. Can you imagine limitless breath, space, light, purity, freedom, knowing who one truly IS? We’ve talked about how it might be, but this is much, much more than we imagined. This is the book we will write Janice. How about calling it – ‘Freedom to Be’? You have the possibility of freedom to be where you are now. This is what we were working towards. If you can BE where you are and I can / no I am being where I am, then the way between us is easy. I can’t quite focus on the writing as yet, but I know that it will come and that you will be given the time to “receive”. That’s enough of my scribble to keep you going; take what you need from the flat now and get your friend to start on the typing up!”

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Winner will be drawn on July 1, 2020.

Author Biography:

Janice Dolley is the co-author of The Quest: Exploring a Sense of Soul, Awakening to a New Awareness: Stories of Contemporary Christians and Christian Evolution. She is Development Director of the Wrekin Trust, which started as a spiritual education charity by Sir George Trevelyan in 1971 and she now travels the world, such as arranging the international conference on The Emerging Spirituality Revolution: Embodying the Spiritual imperative of our Time and has been a lecturer at the Open University for thirty years. Furthermore, she is director of the Findhorn College and Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation. Finally, she is the President of CANA, or Christians Awakening to a New Awareness, and she is striving to bring a holistic spirituality and positive message to many in the newly emerging future. As a Trustee of WYSE international, she aims to promote co-creating and encourages young leaders to rise to a greater potential. Bridging old and new faiths, her latest book aims to encourage everyone to create a better future and to reach authentically within themselves for truth and personal growth.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Janice, for sharing your book with us.

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