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Baker's Dozen by @ameyzeigler is a Canada/America Bookish pick #romance #giveaway #4thofjuly

Title: Baker’s Dozen

Author: Amey Zeigler

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Twenty-three-year-old investigative journalist, Andy Miller is armed with her many disguises and creativity to take down the riff-raff of Saint Louis. When her stepbrother is murdered by the mob, Andy soon discovers she’s out of her depth.

Enter Hugh Donaldson who has reasons of his own for discovering the murderer. He’ll use everything in his power to achieve that, including lying to Andy about his past. Dangerous as he is attractive, his martial arts skills and his quirky ways raise Andy’s suspicions.

Although Andy balks at his lies, Hugh’s charms, twenty-inch biceps, and electrifying blue eyes are difficult to resist. Striking out on their own, Hugh and Andy try to outwit each other as they traverse North America tracking down people connected to the case.

As clues disappear and the body count climbs, Andy and Hugh must trust each other and use their combined skills to bring the murderer to justice.


Andy couldn’t sleep. She lay on the bed with her clothes on. The cracks in the ceiling were trails of blood. When she closed her eyes she again, the thin line of blood on white tile haunted her.

She must have slept briefly. She woke to darkness. Hugh had switched off the lamp and left. Andy’s heart pounded as she slid her covers off, dropping her feet to the concrete floor.

She tiptoed to the door. Voices echoed in the spacious living area. Andy cracked the door. An eerie blue glow of the computer lit Hugh’s face in the darkened space.

“I’ll ask her,” he said, his voice low. “Nothing I could do, though, without compromise.”

A voice replied from the computer, “You did right. Anything else would’ve been risking too much.”

“What about the girl?”

“I trust you.”

Intrigued, Andy craned her ear. The door creaked.

Andy swore in her mind. Hugh glanced up, silencing his computer. “You okay?” he asked.

“I woke up. Did I disturb you?”

Hugh didn’t blink an eye. “Just watching a movie.” He lied.

Andy’s heart thundered in her ears. With all senses on alert, Andy, very much awake, halted at the door. Hugh rose from the couch and followed her into the bedroom. But this time, it was not comforting to have him close. Her body was still rigid as he resumed his place in his chair.

Andy clutched the covers.

“You’re still nervous.” He rose from the chair and sat at the foot of her bed. “You okay?”

Andy swallowed, retracting her legs.


“How about I tell you a story?”

He arose slowly, waiting for Andy to open the covers for him. Finally, Andy scooted toward the wall. He sat next to her without saying a word.

“A story?” She swallowed. “What kind of story?”

“What kind of story would you like?”

“Something happy.”

A long pause. Andy wished she could catch a glimpse of his face in the dark.

His tone changed to thoughtful. “All right. I’ve got a story. My favorite memories from the summers living in Manhattan.”

Andy perked up a little. “New York?”


Andy couldn’t help be a little disappointed.

“I lived with my grandparents on a farm in the middle of Kansas. It was hot and filled with sunshine and wheat. I used to run through the fields with my black lab, Rhiner, and lay on my back and stare into the sky to ask those white clouds about life. Anyway, my happiest days were spent running around the farm with Rhiner on my heels, his ears flapping, his tongue out. I can still smell the crisp burnt leaves of the harvest in fall, the smell of Pappie’s aftershave, and Meemaw’s cooking.”

Listening to the steady intonation of his voice eased her, releasing her fear, her body relaxing. Her eyes grew weary, imagining Hugh as a little boy on a Kansas farm. A little Hugh running through the wheat, the sun shining.

“What did you say you did for a living?” Andy wasn’t sure she asked it, or if she just thought it, but she didn’t remember him answering.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

Baker’s Dozen is a plot-twisty mystery filled with lies and cover-ups. Andy cleverly uses disguises and her wits to solve the mystery. Hugh is hiding something, but what? With comedic fun and witty banter, this book will keep you guessing as you turn pages until the rollicking end. This is a fun romp around the US.

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Runs July 1 – 4, 2020.

Winner will be drawn on July 11, 2020.

Author Biography:

Amey Zeigler wrote her first mystery with her best friend in fourth grade. She wrote, the friend illustrated. It also had a cute boy in it with spiky hair. Not much has changed. She loves mysteries. She loves romance. She loves suspense. She loves action, adventure, and comedy. But she wants the story to have a happy ending.

Because she grew up moving all around the United States, Amey loves writing about different places. In her books, she explores the whole world.

Growing up, Amey was always trying new things. She played violin, drums, flute, piano, all before she was sixteen. She also discovered she didn't have much talent for music.

In her spare time, she adopts stray furniture left on the side of the road, fixes it up and gives it a new look and home. With twenty years of speaking experience, she loves to speak at book clubs and other groups. Contact her via social media to ask her to come visit your group! Amey lives with her husband and three children near Austin, TX. Sign up for her newsletter at

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