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Binge-read the Steel and Magic series by @maleon_author #yafantasy #medieval #bingeread


Elemental Links: Steel and Magic Book One

Blood Ties: Steel and Magic Book Two

Eternal Bonds: Steel and Magic Book Three (coming in 2021)

Author: M. A. Leon

Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Blurbs:

Elemental Links

“Take him and run.” The last words of Jake’s mother urged him to save his brother Louie. Jake and Louie get thrown into the outside world, where Jake learns his skill with a sword can save their lives, and Louie, gifted with elemental magic, soon learns his magic is part of something much bigger: a world of spirits that wage a war of their own. Their journey is fraught with unexpected creatures, friends, and new allies. Along with tournaments and drakons, Jake and Louie are tested as they've never been before. Can they defeat the force that threatens not just Louie, but every adept in Elabrium? Will their allies stand with them against the horde of necrom, whose mere presence threatens not just themselves, but their newfound friends as well?

Blood Ties

Dretlon Valley has been conquered, but now the city of Maldra has caught wind of a new threat stirring in southern Elabrium. Rumors tell of not just adepts being possessed by the dreaded wraiths, but essentia, the common people, are turning against one another. Behaviour that was once only characteristic of necrom is revealing itself in them too. Has the world gone wrong? Have the laws of elemental magic broken, or is there something more? Jake and Louie have to not only find out, but face more danger than ever to get to the bottom of it. All the while they struggle to learn who among their friends have turned... and if they can bring them back.

Eternal Bonds

Eiríkr has been stopped but his cataclysm remains. There are people all over Southern Elabrium still possessed by wraiths with no cure on hand. The Elders have told Louie how to find the cure. The only problem is, he has to court death to get it. Gathering a handful of allies, he makes his way into the perilous Dusk Mountains. Whispers of dragons and other, less-enticing creatures mark their footsteps as Louie searches for the only being who can free Elabrium's people. Meanwhile, the awakened are massing, threatening Maldra herself. Jake and his friends are in charge of the city's defences should Louie fail. Will the cure come in time? Or will Maldra's people get caught in a siege more dire than ever before?


Elemental Links

The drakon’s wings split apart like a great unveiling and the necrom appeared.

Louie, where are you… Jake worried, scanning all around the felled beast for a sign of blond hair.

Clack clack clack announced the re-arrival of Troy, Shane, and Paul. They’d abandoned their horses and trotted noisily with metal sabatons coating their feet.

The necrom turned toward them, throwing fire as it spun. Paul blasted the green flare away with his own magic while Shane and Troy sheltered their eyes from the intensity of the clash. The necrom didn’t pause, but pivoted to find its next target. As soon as its eyes settled on Jake the necrom fired without reserve.

Jake drew his sword up with both his fists clutched tightly around the hilt. He braced himself against the impending burn, doing his best to protect his face with the metal shrouding his arms and hands. As he prepared for the worst, white fire spread out as flat as a serving tray, absorbing every last trace of the green power. Filled with relief and a dash of annoyance, Jake looked around, this time upward at the buildings. He sighted Louie sitting presumptuously on a stone windowsill, his elbows digging into his thighs as he leaned his chin forward on his hands.

Blood Ties

Louie punched his palm toward the sky, shooting up an obelisk of wind. One drakon grunted, its chest arching against the pummelling of Louie’s power. Changing tactics, Louie tugged on his wind magic, calling for his tempest to lay the beast flat. The drakon slammed down to the ground, thrashing like a sparrow caught in the talons of a hawk.

Troy launched himself off Savvy’s back, leapt over a fallen necrom, and charged to the drakon. Its neck and tail whipped to and fro against Louie’s overpowering magic, slicing through the air with sharp, swishing whooshes.

“Troy, NO!” Paul hollered, dropping from Nightfall and sprinting toward his friend. The horse balked and tossed its head, eyes rolling in terror at the long beast before them.

Paul needn’t have worried. Troy leapt over the drakon’s flailing tail. In two massive strides, the knight was at the beast’s head. The seaweed-green creature eyed him with a fierce, beady eye, its teeth gnashing with the force of an avalanche.

Eyes full of fear for his friend, Paul flicked his fingers. Seraph fire shot from his open palm, coating Troy’s sword in white light as the knight raised the blade high over the beast’s head. Troy struck, wielding his sword like an axe. The steel cut halfway through the drakon’s neck, the seraph fire searing a path as it slipped through flesh into bone and sinew.

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Elemental Links

Blood Ties

Author Biography:

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Melanie has been in love with medieval fantasy all of her life. Dreams of magic, dragons, maidens, and knights have enthralled her since a young age. Medieval literature university classes were among her favourites, as was art history from the medieval to the classical periods. Together, along with her excitement of reading anything written about the medieval period, Melanie has gained a realistic view of the medieval age, and how to tweak it into something new.

Action, peril, strategy, and determination fill her books. Determination for life, for friends, and for doing what no one else dares to do.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 01, 2020

Thank you, M.A., for sharing your book series with us. It sounds like such a great series!

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