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Book Review | Teal Dissociated by @ClabePolk #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction

Title: Teal Dissociated

Author: Clabe Polk

Genre: Science Fiction, Short Story

Book Blurb:

Everyone thought Devon Traxler died along with the crew of her hovercraft.

Imagine their surprise when she washed up on the Teal Colony’s pristine beach…pregnant. With no rational explanation for the pregnancy.

Imagine their surprise to discover a planet teeming with individual cells that function as one worldwide organism…a genetic Rubik’s Cube.

Imagine their surprise to learn Traxler’s pregnancy is related to their discovery.

Now, imagine the profound implications for the human race.

My Review:

Authors have been using short stories for the preferred venue for sci-fi probably longer than I have been alive. It doesn't take the reader long while reading this story to start to think this is another classic.

It struck me early that this was a story that could have been penned by Ray Bradbury. The Bradbury-like feel is remarkable, and the book has all the components that a great sci-fi story needs.

The concept of Teal Dissociated also reminded me of something Gene Rodenberry might have thought of.

If you love sci-fi, you will love this book.

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

CLABE POLK is into a second career as a writer of fiction. So far, he has written three novels, three novellas, several short stories, and has a couple of other novels in process. He is a Christian and a lifelong reader with a great variety of life experiences that has led him to write a variety of different types of fiction.

Having an educational background in biology and natural sciences, Mr. Polk applied his knowledge and experience in professional environmental protection, retiring after nearly thirty-seven years in environmental protection program management, law enforcement, chemical emergency response and training. He grew up in and spent most of his life among the woods, waters, fields, farms and industries of Florida and Georgia. Besides reading and writing, he loves fishing, boating, sailing, gardening and anything creative.

He lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters, and the family’s Cockapoo named Annie.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 08, 2020

If you're a Ray Bradbury fan, you'll love this short story.

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