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Book Review | The Literate Thief (Slaves of Erafor Series Book 2) by @stsoflima #bookreview

Title: The Literate Thief (Slaves of Erafor Series Book 2)

Author: Walter Rhein

Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Book Blurb:

When ignorance means slavery, knowledge must be stolen . . .

The Reader of Acheron bid them travel: Quillion the scholar, Cole the swordsman, and Kikkan the once-enslaved. In Edentown, he promised, they would find a keeper of the sacred knowledge . . .

Though Kikkan remained resolute in the guidance of his mentor, Quillion could not escape the grip of encroaching doubt. Was it a fool's errand? Would their quest bring them to a champion? Or could they expect nothing more than a living husk, crushed by the burdens of unjust expectation, scurrying in the alleys, having risen to no higher station than that of a Literate Thief?

My Review:

The author of this book excels in creativity. It is no small feat to create an alternative world and universe with such clarity. The core issue, obviously, resonates today with everyone. The banning of reading happens sadly almost every day. If it isn't a school administration, it's a library or a politician banning a book from someone's reading list.

That is what makes this book so reachable for me, as a reader. The characters were complex but relatable. The world is just odd enough to be dystopian but familiar enough to not drag down the story by being too complicated.

Obviously, there must be a sequel. I was excited to see how this would turn out and confident that the author will not let an expectant readership down. Truly a masterpiece with a superb story that is a fun and exhilarating read, all the while it shines a light on the evil of book banning.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Walter Rhein was born in Wisconsin but moved to Lima, Peru in his twenties. There, he supported himself by writing, teaching, translating and editing. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin and Peru. He is currently a writer for and his articles also frequently appear in Silent Sports and Cross Country Skiier Magazine. He was also a featured writer at the Chippewa Valley Book Festival and the Fox Cities Book Festival.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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