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Cat-Atonic by Sue C Dugan is a book worth reading #yalit #newadult #pnr #paranormalromance


Author Sue C Dugan

Genre YA/NA Paranormal Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Sixteen-year-old Nick Dupont has reincarnated memories inhabiting his mind from past lives. Nick is released from the hospital after heart surgery in a deep catatonic depression, and a new soul seems to be sharing his memories. He would like a way to banish him from his mind.

Catherine Anne Thomlinson (Cat) knows she’s reincarnated and is part of Nick’s memories and he’s part of hers. But even Nick’s girlfriend Emily can’t change the dreams and visions Nick begins having about a civil war soldier named Jonathan. And worse still, Cat says she’s returning to Laketon and wants to see him.

This is the 2nd book in “The Cat With Nine Lives” series. It was released on October 30, 2023. The 1st book in the series is CAT-ASTROPHIC.


Chapter 3

Nick turned in his bed when his phone buzzed, and he glanced at the ID. Finally, a message from Cat! The text was wavy and didn’t stay put. He wiped at his face, trying to clear away the fog. Those painkillers played tricks with his eyes, making the words move and rearrange themselves.

He squinted at her text:

Help me! Please!—

Cat’s words were bold and chilling. He reread it to make sure because sometimes his thoughts were those of someone else.

Nick swallowed the lump in his throat and immediately wrote back:

What’s wrong?

He had to type the message several times to get it right. His fingers were numb and clumsy from inactivity and medication. He shifted on the bed but still couldn’t get comfortable. The sheet felt like a tourniquet around his chest, pressing on his surgery site and making him gasp for air.

He held his breath—no return response.

Nick tried contacting Cat again:

Tell me what’s wrong. Are you hurt?

Cat’s only real friends in Laketon were Veronica and Nick. Had she reached out to Veronica too?

Nick texted Veronica:—Heard from Cap?


Darn his clumsy fingers. He tried again: —Cat

Veronica:—“No? How are you feeling?

Nick: —Bitter.—

Veronica: —Sorry to hear that.

Nick: —I mean better.

His fat fingers seemed to have their own mind—typing the wrong letters.

Veronica: —Good. We miss you.—

Nick: —Do you know where she went?

Veronica: —Oregon

Nick: —Where in Oregon?

Veronica: —Don’t know.

He didn’t know where either. Cat had been vague when she left. These messages didn’t help with the gray swirl of depression he felt. Most of the smothering-wet-wool blanket feelings was his recovery from open heart surgery, but this message from Cat didn’t help. He blew out his breath. How come she hadn’t contacted him back? He lay back in bed and thought about the start of their junior year—a year he had high hopes for—wasn’t as he had imagined it.

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Author Biography

Sue writes five-star LitPick novels that keep readers of all ages turning pages long into the night. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, attending author events, or walking her dogs. She has two children and five grandchildren. Snack wise, Sue is a salty-type gal, but wouldn’t say no to an occasional chocolate kiss or two! She isn’t sure she’s a reincarnated author, but if she was, she’d want to be Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, or Emily Brontë. When her novels are run through author comparison sites, she gets Anne Rice through Mark Twain—quite a wide spread which makes for interesting reading (Tom Sawyer was a Vampire?).

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