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Celebrate weddings with Children of the Mist by @Hywela_Lyn #scifiromance #weddings #giveaway

Title: Children Of The Mist

Author: Hywela Lyn

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Two minds united against a common foe. Two hearts afraid to show their love: Long ago Tamarith fell in love with a man she can never have, and is convinced she will never love another. However, she cannot help but be intrigued by a handsome stranger whose psychic powers exceed even her own.

Vidarh seeks only to find his true purpose in life and to win the regard of his father, who eschews his son’s psychic abilities. Thrown together by a common threat to their planet, then torn apart by an evil greater than any they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely Nifl woman who has captivated him, before it is too late? Will Tamarith and Vidarh overcome the deadly enemy who threatens to destroy all they know and love? Will they find the happiness they both seek? Or are they fated to live their lives alone?


The evening was perfect. A warm breeze played through the trees, sighing over the valley, and the moon shone across the lake. The water shimmered with splashes of incandescent colour as reflections of the Rainbow Bridge, and the light from the sparkling lanterns suspended from the trees lining the mosaic paths, mingled on its rippled surface.

A small band of players strode among the guests at the wedding feast. The music of their unique stringed instruments, soft and lilting, added to the ambience, already aglow with romance and celebration. The dancing newlyweds held each other close, gazed into each other's eyes, and seemed oblivious to everything else going on around them.

Jess leant her head on Dahll's shoulder. She sighed in contentment. "I'm so happy for her. I couldn't have wished a better husband for Tamarith than Vidarh."

Dahll smiled, his eyes softening with affection. "Matchmaker," he teased.

"Well, they're so right for each other. And Tamarith deserves to be happy. As happy as I am," she added, squeezing his arm.

He kissed the top of her head. "Any idea who that is with Melind?"

Jess followed his gaze. "I'm not sure. I think he's the son of one of Vidarh's neighbours."

"Didn't take Melind long to get over Vidarh," Dahll grinned. "She's been flirting with her new brothers-in-law all evening."

"Well, she's very young and she was always less serious than Tamarith. She still has a lot of growing up to do. I think she'll break a lot of hearts before it's her turn to settle down."

Jess smiled at Gullin as he and Thamri, holding Freya in her arms, walked toward them, dodging the throngs of jostling, laughing revellers.

"You must be very proud of Tamarith today, Gullin."

"I am, Jess. She does look beautiful. Vidarh will make her a fine husband. I am glad he intends to stay here when he's finished his training, rather than taking her back to Sleipnir." Gullin paused. "You and Dahll will always have our gratitude. Things could so easily have turned out differently. We could be mourning our loved ones, instead of celebrating a wedding."

Thamri handed Freya carefully to Gullin and slipped an arm around Jess, giving her an affectionate hug. "And it's not just a wedding we have to celebrate." She glanced across at Dahll. "I am so pleased for you both, and we are all very glad you were able to stay for Tamarith and Vidarh's special day."

Jess smiled and hugged her back, her gaze once more drawn to the young lovers in each other's arms, swaying in time to the music.


“I wish this moment could last forever. We will remember today always. I couldn't imagine a better way to start our life together than here, among all our friends and family.”

Vidarh could not stop looking at his bride. Tonight Tamarith looked more beautiful than ever. Her hair, free from restraint and gleaming in the light from the lanterns, cascaded like liquid obsidian to her ankles. Tiny silver-white flowers woven into the silky tresses looked, he thought whimsically, like miniature stars against the blackness.

Her ivory velvet robe sparkled with thousands of diamond-like crystals, and clung to the curves of her figure. It caressed her slender waist before flaring out into a full skirt sweeping around her feet. He had never seen anything so lovely.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

A beautiful but hazardous planet and characters who will endure anything for the home and people they love. A tale of friendship and love, with an unexpected revelation at the climax, combines mystery, danger and romance. One reviewer rated it as “among the best I have ever read.”

(It’s also available in Audio if you prefer to listen!)


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Author Biography:

Award-winning author Hywela Lyn was born and spent most of her life in Wales, whose beautiful landscapes and wealth of myths and legends inspired her to write. She weaves romantic Fantasies, set in her beloved Wales, and Science Fiction Romance adventures, featuring distant, mysterious worlds, with characters who overcome great odds to find deep and enduring love: Stories she hopes will truly take you 'out of this world' and beyond.

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Unknown member
Jun 10, 2020

So happyto be part of this great event -weddings are so special and really cheer people up! Thanks so much.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 10, 2020

Thank you, Hywela, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event. It sounds like a must-read.

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