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Looking for a holiday gift for those who love children's books? #holidaygiftguide #kidlit #childrens

Looking for a holiday gift for those who love children's books? Check out these featured books...

GOBBLEDY by Lis Anna-Langston

Ever since eleven-year-old Dexter Duckworth and his brother, Dougal, lost their mom, everything has been different. But “different” takes on a whole new meaning when, one day just before Christmas (or Kissmas, as they call it), Dexter finds a golden rock in the forest that hatches into an adorable alien. Gobbledy is smarter than he seems and is lost on planet Earth. Before long, Gobbledy takes Dexter, Dougal, and their best friend Fi on an adventure of friendship, family, and loss—one that requires them all to stay out of trouble, protect Gobbledy from a shadowy group called the Planetary Society, and prepare for their school’s Winter Extravaganza Play, where Dexter has to be a dreaded Gingerbread Man.

Gobbledy is a fun-filled holiday story that adds up to two brothers, three friends, unlimited jars of peanut butter, a ketchup factory, and one little alien far, far from home.

The Metric Clock: The Adventures of Charles, Transforming a Precocious Boy into a Young Man by Phillip Chute

How much can a family visit change a boy? Charles is an intelligent 9-year-old living in 1946 New England that struggles to emotionally connect with people. He doesn’t fit in with the local boys and with a father that is constantly away for work, even his parent is a distant figure in his life. The one exception is his best friend Mary Anne. With her he is confident and open, revealing all his secrets and fears. Charles is given an opportunity to accompany his father on a trip to his hometown in rural Canada. On the farm he hears about his father’s youth and the Great Depression. Charles learns the complexity of who his father is and how struggle shaped his father. He begins to understand and connect in that same way he does with Mary Ann, but Charles is still unsure what that means for him. When his cousin invites him on an adventure Charles agrees. It should be just an average boy’s day, but things turn dangerous. Through that moment Charles recognizes his own need to change and knows he must fight if he is going to live with the kind of strength his father has. But has he learned his lesson soon enough, or will he lose himself in the danger of this one adventure?

Frederick Fly Catcher by Hele C. Johannes

"A fun adventure that was a hit with my nine-year-old!" What happens when Frederick, a champion fly-catcher, is confronted with a human? After all, humans are dangerous! And worse, this human is carrying a thing of troublesome, powerful magic. What if Frederick can't get it to stop? This fast-paced chapter book will entice young readers to keep turning pages to find out what happens next. Connecting with Frederick's frog's-eye view reminds children to treat all creatures with respect and to be open to friendships with new or different people. Parents can use the story events as jumping-off points to talk with children about problem-solving and teamwork strategies as well as simply being kind. "The best thing I could do was to relax and enjoy the ride, so that's exactly what I did."


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