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5++ stars for Chosen by Night by @ccbolick #yalit #yaparanormal #yashifter #paranormal #bookreview

Title: Chosen by Night

Author: C.C. Bolick

Genre: YA Shifter, YA Paranormal

Book Blurb:

She doesn’t fear the night, only what she’ll become.

Marilyn never imagined shifters existed or the thrill of becoming a crow as black as the night. After an old curse awakens, this sixteen-year-old must solve a mystery as other teens begin to shift and terrified parents scramble for answers.

Two hundred years ago, this curse started with the moon disappearing and ended with the destruction of their town. The night has chosen Marilyn, and only her closest friends can help. Can they stop the curse, or will she lose everything she cares about?

My Review:

An old curse reawakens the night but it’ll be up to sixteen-year-old Marilyn and her friends to stop it before everyone dies. Marilyn has a secret gift: she can sense what animals are feeling. She never thought it would come in handy until the moon disappears, and she discovers shifters are real. Not only that, but she herself is a crow shifter. It’s not only her, either. More teens are shifting and the adults in their small town are freaking out. An ancient curse is reactivated and according to the legend, the two prominent animals in the curse are a crow and a wolf. Marilyn is the crow and she’s pretty sure who the wolf is. Can she save the town from destruction, or will she turn on the town and become what she fears most?

Chosen by Night is one of the best young adult shifter paranormal I’ve had the pleasure to read. I’ve read a lot of YA paranormal books and quite a few YA shifter books but I’ve never read a crow shifter before. I found myself reading late into the night and even dreaming about this book. As an avid reader of C.C. Bolick's books, I’m familiar with some of the minor characters. I connected with Marilyn right away. Her empathy for animals appealed to me as did her growth. One minute she’s a regular teenager and the next minute she’s a crow shifter. Her reactions and feelings drew me to her. The mystery behind the curse and trying to solve it captivated my imagination. The plot moves at an excellent pace and the full cast of characters kept me invested in the story until the very end. C.C. Bolick is a gifted writer who knows how to tell a story with depth, emotion, and spooky vibes. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I truly hope Bolick continues this story with a whole series. It’s so good. If you love YA paranormal, you’ll want to read Chosen by Night. Fans of YA shifters will simply adore Chosen by Night. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5++ stars

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Author Biography:

C.C. Bolick grew up in south Alabama, where she’s happy to still reside. She’s an engineer by day and a writer by night—too bad she could never do one without the other.

Camping, fishing… she loves the outdoors and the warm Alabama weather. For years she thought up stories to write and finally started putting them on paper back in 2006. If you hear her talking with no one to answer, don’t think she’s crazy. Since talking through her stories works best, a library is her worst place to write… even though it’s her favorite!

C.C. loves to mix sci-fi and paranormal—throw in a little romance and adventure and you’ve got her kind of story. She’s written a dozen books including the Leftover Girl series, The Agency series, and The Fear Chronicles.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 Comment

C.C. Bolick
C.C. Bolick
Jun 29, 2022

Thanks for the great review, Mrs. N! So glad you liked Chosen by Night. It's been one of favorites to create and I look forward to writing more in this world.

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