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Christmas Knight by New York Times Bestseller @PamBinder183 is a Christmas Holiday Festival Pick

Title: Christmas Knight

Author: Pam Binder

Genre: Romance

Book Blurb:

Colin Edward Penrose, a knight from fifteenth-century Glastonbury, England, must solve the riddle of his family's curse and marry a woman out of time—or lose his ancestral home. With a matchmaker's help, he meets a woman to whom he feels an instant attraction, but he knows the curse makes falling in love dangerous for her. Madeline Murphy, defense attorney in a prestigious law firm, needs a date for her family's Christmas Eve party. In desperation, she turns to a matchmaker for her knight in shining armor. The man supplied exceeds her wildest fantasy but vanishes without a trace. A year later she needs a date for her mother's wedding, and she asks the same matchmaker. One problem: In order to find her mystery man, she must travel through time.


The Romani had buttoned up for the night. Children were tucked in bed, the food and tables put away, and the fires banked for the night. Guards patrolled the grounds and men and women took turns tending the fire throughout the night. The message was clear. If they needed to leave in a hurry, all they would have to do is hitch the horses to the wagons. They were a nomadic tribe, distrusted and feared because they were different. Without warning, and sometimes without cause, other people might attack and try to drive them away. They had to be ready.

When they reached the wagon she shared with Aunty Florica, Madeline took the blanket from Colin’s arms.

“Madeline…” He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he said, “If you were mine, I would never leave you.”

The words were impossible. Merlin’s Curse stood between them and made her feel as though a cloud hovered over them. She knew he meant every word. She also held onto too many secrets for Colin’s words to become reality. What would he think if he knew she was from the future and had come here with the silly idea of searching for a date while he battled issues that had real-life consequences?

Making her decision, she let the blanket fall to her feet. She leaned up until his mouth was a breath away from hers, his eyes clear and honest in the starlight. Her life in the twenty-first century was the dream. This was the reality she wanted to live.

Repeating the words he’d spoken, she said, “If you were mine, I would never leave you.”

Colin’s arms wrapped around her waist, crushing her against him. His mouth heated hers, and the world disappeared.

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Share a holiday family tradition:

Baking holiday cookies to give to family and neighbors on Christmas Eve.

Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood:

Christmas Knight shares the joy and importance of family, regardless of the time and place.


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Author Biography:

Pam Binder is an award-winning New York Times and USA TODAY, bestselling author based in suburban Seattle, Pam has ten novels and one novella to her credit. Drawn to Celtic legends and anything Irish or Scottish, the prolific author blends historical events, characters, and myths into her young adult, romance, historical, time travel and fantasy fiction. Among her distinguished honors is RT Book Reviews’ 2018 Pioneers in Romance award. Pam is a sought-after conference speaker and teaches the year-long classes, “After the First Draft” and “Write Your story.” She is also president of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the program director of its monthly meetings, workshops, and annual conference.

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Barbara Bettis
Dec 11, 2019

Sounds like a delightful story, Pam. Best of luck :)


Judith Sterling
Judith Sterling
Dec 11, 2019

Sounds like a great read, Pam. Best of luck with it. BTW, I have that same couple on the cover of my recent release! :)


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 11, 2019

Thank you, Pam, for participating in our Christmas and Holiday Book Festival. Happy Holidays!

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