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5+ stars for Defending Jessica: Murder By the Bay by Benna Bos #lesbian #mystery #romanticmystery

Title: Defending Jessica: Murder By the Bay

Author: Benna Bos

Genre: Lesbian Mystery, Romantic Mystery, Mystery Romance

Book Blurb:

Few people accused of murder are as unlikable as Veronica Turner’s client. So to give her the best defense, Veronica is going to need help from her favorite true crime podcast. But when she meets the newest sound tech for “Murder by the Bay” she is instantly enthralled. She wants nothing more than to get close to the stunning, shy woman.

Kaia Kent is too focused on her new job to pay much attention to the pushy attorney defending their latest podcast subject. But Veronica just keeps coming around, and every time she does, Kaia finds herself slipping a little further away from dislike and toward serious attraction.

With an innocent woman to defend, a murderer on the loose, and opposites that are smashed together in a whirlwind of fear, intrigue, and passion, defending Jessica will prove to be anything but easy.

My Review:

This time, approaching a book with no expectations led to a huge reward. This book is brilliantly written and fun to read. From the start, you can feel for Victoria and just know there is more to her than the tough-as-nails lawyer. This book is the second in a series but works flawlessly as a stand-alone. All reading this book first has done is make me want to buy and read book one. It seriously is that good a book.

The romance between Victoria and Kaia is so well presented, it is a pleasure to read. This isn't a quick thing but a slow and well-thought-out relationship that grows. I have rarely seen such poignancy in romantic writing. There is an instant attraction, but it takes a lot for them to move past that. Simply put, if the only storyline was the romance of Victoria and Kaia, this would be a great read.

There is so much more to this book. Kaia is a superb character who battles with a seriously unappreciated illness. She is a celiac sufferer. She is not one of the current-day morons who think gluten-free is a dietary choice. It is for people who are ill from eating gluten. The presentation of the difficulties this creates for Kaia to just live is excellent.

There is a superbly presented criminal case here too with a problematic client. The suspense is page-turning. The romance is warm and loving and real. The character development is spot on. Simply one of the best books I have read this year. I will work to read more from this author. A fantastic book that will appeal to fans of this series. Fans of a great romance will love this book. Sure, it's same-sex but if that bothers you, you have more problems than what to read. A great, great book!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Benna writes WLW mystery fiction that takes place in the rich environment of San Francisco. Her novels are born at the crossroads of her love for romance, true crime, and the deep places in one's soul that are touched by a good story.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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