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5+ stars for Dragon Song by Shirley McCoy #pnr #fantasyromance #dragons #bookreview

Title: Dragon Song

Author: Shirley McCoy

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Dragons rule the world. Princess Morgan Talbot of Esterhaven knows one rules her. Rownar, the most powerful dragon of all, forced a magical bond with her at a tender age. He intends to corrupt her soul, then consume her body. Now of age, Morgan knows she must take back her life and defeat Rownar, and all his kind.

Connor O’Malley is the greatest dragon slayer alive. He spends one memorable night with Morgan, never thinking to see her again. Until he does. He is deeply shaken to learn the woman he fell for is a princess and determined to conquer Rownar herself.

When Connor offers to train her, Morgan reluctantly accepts. Now an epic battle will begin, for a princess’s life, her soul, her kingdom, and the world.

My Review:

Dragons hold all the power, but a princess and a dragon slayer are out to flip the power struggle in their direction. Wow, this book gives new meaning to paranormal romance. The world-building is flawless. The action scenes are intense. The narration is descriptive while also connecting the reader to the characters. The characters are emotive and come alive. Dragon Song is truly an unforgettable read.

Let’s start with the world-building. The world-building is so detailed and believable, I imagine this could really happen. The author weaves fantasy elements with paranormal romance. The world she’s created pulls you in from the first page.

The characters, though, are what make Dragon Song such an incredible read. I connected with Princess Morgan right away. She’s a heroine after my own heart. Her strength, even against all odds, propel her to do the unimaginable. Connor is a dragon slayer who is exactly what Morgan needs to overcome the dragon and free her kingdom. Dragon Rownar is wicked and power-hungry but in the best possible way. He’s the antagonist you love to hate. The rest of the characters add depth and substance to the overall story.

The writing is immersive and sublime. Shirley McCoy is a terrific storyteller who is brilliant in crafting stories I want to read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Shirley grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and started writing at an early age. Always talkative, when she was eleven she began to put her thoughts on paper, writing stories inspired by some of her favorite writers, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Madeline L'Engle. As she grew older, she developed a love of romance and in 2009 she decided to try her hand at paranormal romance. The result was The Smoke and the Flame and its sequel, The Wind and the Fire. The Smoke and the Flame is the first novel she has ever completed, although she has written several unpublished screenplays.

Shirley graduated from Nicholls State University where she majored in History and minored in English. Since graduating (she doesn't like to think about how long ago that was) she has worked at some of the best libraries in the Baton Rouge area. She makes her home there and enjoys spending time with family members that live in town as well as with those that live out of town. She also loves seeing movies, reading, and going to the park with her niece in her free time.

Currently, Shirley is hard at work on her newest venture, tentatively titled Dragon Song.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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