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Eight Nights to Win Her Heart by Roni Denholtz is a Christmas in July Fete pick #romance #giveaway

Title: Eight Nights to Win Her Heart

Author: Roni Denholtz

Genre: Romance Novella

Book Blurb:

Roslyn Stein is convinced that her boyfriend Ben Jaffe will never marry. Ben’s parents’ contentious divorce left him with emotional scars.

But Ben doesn’t want to lose Roslyn. So he asks her to give him the eight nights of Hanukkah, to prove he really does love her and deserves another chance.

As they light the candles on the menorah each night, Roslyn struggles with the decision of whether to let him back into her life. And Ben realizes how much she really does mean to him.

Will Ben be able to win Roslyn’s heart again?


Roslyn’s chest tightened.

Please.” This time his voice dropped low. “Hanukkah starts Sunday. It’s the holiday of miracles. Please let me see you every night of Hanukkah.”

“Hanukkah? Why—”

“Give me those eight nights. If I can’t convince you I love you, that I deserve another chance—if you’re not convinced that my love will last more than eight days, then I’ll go away quietly, and leave you alone. For good.”

She hesitated, her heart seeming to splinter. Should she give him another chance? Would it hurt either of them?

Would eight days and nights make a difference in the grand scheme of things? It was only eight days. Eight nights.

Hanukkah, the holiday of miracles…

“Please give me eight nights to win your heart,” he whispered.

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub):

What I love most about the holiday season:

Giving gifts to people which I have carefully chosen.

Why is your featured book a must-read to get you in the holiday mood?

It features Hanukkah, with many of the traditions of the holiday.


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Open internationally.

Runs July 1 – July 31.

Drawing will be held on August 1.

Author Biography:

Roni Denholtz is the award-winning author of 16 romance novels and novellas, hundreds of articles and short stories, and 9 children’s books. She lives in beautiful northwest New Jersey with her husband and adopted dog.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: denholtzroni


Roni Denholtz
Roni Denholtz
Jul 06, 2020

Thank you Mrs. N! I hope you enjoy it!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 06, 2020

Thank you, Roni, for sharing your book in our Christmas in July Fete. It sounds like such a great read to curl up to. I love the title and cover! 🥰

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