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Engaging the Heiress by @julidrevezzo is a Book Heaven Wednesday pick #historicalromance #victorian

Title: Engaging the Heiress (Camden Girls, book 2)

Author: Juli D. Revezzo Genre: Historical Romance, Victorian Romance Publisher: Raven Queen Publications Book Blurb:

Edwin Hetherington needs a fiancée, not a wife. Years ago, his Irish family lost everything to an unscrupulous landowner—including the family title. Now, the elderly scalawag offers to make amends if Edwin weds Miss Jera Camden.

As far as Jera is concerned, so long as she manages to avoid marriage to a certain Scotsman, the bluestocking is delighted to pose as Edwin’s blushing bride-to-be.

Can Edwin and Jera dupe the old codger into honoring his promise before the wedding date arrives … or will their clever scheme result in wedded disaster?

Book Trailer: 


[Jera’s] father crossed to his seat. “There was a bit more to your recent meeting with Sir Vassyr, wasn’t there, Hetherington? He was insistent about your marriage.”

The urge to faint washed over her when Edwin nodded. No! Who on earth could marry her Edwin?

“Seems to me, if you let him believe you’re marrying my daughter, he might be more apt to press your suit. Especially if he thinks I’ll be more amenable to working for him, that way.”

Mother shot her husband a questioning look. “Franklin, that doesn’t make sense. Make him believe they’re marrying?” She shook her head. “Jera is quite taken with Baron MacKinnon’s son.”

“I am?”

Jera shook her head once, hoping Edwin would see her resolution on this point.

“When did you feel it prudent to gossip about my daughter?”

“Viola,” Her father gave her mother a warning shake of his head.

“Excuse us, Mr. Hetherington.” Her mother took her father’s arm and she directed him out of the room again.

Edwin shuffled the place of a small figurine on the nearby side table.

Jera’s head suddenly spun. But remembering their meeting with Vassyr, she recalled his mistake.

He opened and closed his hands, forming them into tight fists. “I assure you, Jera, I don’t know what’s gotten into them. Until this week, it didn’t occur to me that—”

“A baron? Are you sure?”

Her mother’s voice carried through the house, and distracted Jera from Edwin’s claim. That, what? She soon forgot that question for her mother’s statement. Who is a baron?

“I didn’t mean to shock you,” Edwin said. “Nor to disrupt your day.”

Jera looked around the parlor. What were her plans before she found him here?

“Jera—” Edwin gave her a smile that weakened her knees. Heavens! This wouldn’t do. Not when her mother had her eye on Mr. MacKinnon. Had he heard the gossip that she was already betrothed?

Would her father and mother try to keep him from knowing? If this was her chance to marry the man she actually loved, she hoped they didn’t.

They must discuss this further.

“If you’re asking for my hand—” She paused. His father was a factory worker. That light feeling returned. Of course any relationship between them was all fantasy. Her parents might not allow it.

Sad, when she knew Edwin Hetherington far better than she knew the MacKinnon son.

“I know the idea of you and me is absurd,” Edwin said. “How can this person think otherwise?”

Jera shot her little sister a pointed look. Leave, so I can speak with him.

Rhonda cleared her throat but stayed right where she was, even picked up one of Philip’s tin soldiers.

Please leave!

Her sister proceeded to line the soldiers up, ignoring her silent order—on purpose, she was sure.

Nuisance of a girl! Jera wished she was close enough; she would’ve pinched her.

“Edwin, why didn’t you mention this before?”

“Sir Vassyr and Miss Mackle seem to know more about it than any of us.” Edwin fiddled with the button at his cuff and perched on the edge of her mother’s fine upholstered love seat. “I can’t say I never thought of it. You are a charming young lady. But—” He tapped his knee.

“But what? Have you noticed I—” You what? You love him? You can’t say that to him, foolish girl!

“We’re not predictable. That is the last adverb I’d use to describe our family,” Rhonda said.

“Adjective,” Jera corrected her sister. “Quiet the both of you! Let me speak with Edwin.”

Rhonda grumbled but ushered her little brother to the far side of the parlor. Jera planted her shaking hands on the arms of her chair. “Now, Edwin, you came to propose? I must say, a gossip’s note is an odd way to do it.”

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Author Biography: Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of the historical romances, Courting the Stationmaster's Daughter, Engaging the Heiress, House of Dark Envy, Vesta's Clockwork Companions and Watchmaker's Heart, and the fantasy Gothic romance Lady of the Tarot, She's also the author of The Antique Magic paranormal series, and much more. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour. Social Media Links:


Unknown member
Jul 15, 2020

Thank you, Mrs. N! I hope your readers enjoy it (and the novel ;)) too! Thank you so much for having me. <3


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 15, 2020

Thank you, Juli, for sharing your new release with us. What a great cover and trailer!

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