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5 stars for Erift's Journeys: The Dark Messengers by J.T. Tenera #mglit #yalit #fantasy #bookreview

Title: Erift's Journeys: The Dark Messengers

Author: J.T. Tenera

Genre: Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Darker and more dangerous perils wait ahead in the sequel of this fantasy adventure... More than a year has passed since Joseph Erift and his best friend Eric Castis were lured into their first real life adventure. However, they must set all plans for college aside when Professor Benjamin Thessit, the same enthusiastic researcher who revealed to them the existence of real magic, contacts them again.

The mysterious moaning shadows that chase them to the airport quickly become the least of their concerns. Shortly after they arrive on The Murean Islands, the SIA, a worldwide organization monitoring their every move, threatens to shut down Professor Ben’s research before he can uncover answers to their dilemma. An old enemy returns, yet his appearance is overshadowed by a pair of mysterious entities that seek an ancient passage home. Even with the help of friends both new and old, Joseph worries Eric’s attempt at online stardom will only record their tumble down a more ominous path.

“The Dark Messengers” picks up a year and a half since Secrets of The Sealed Forest unfolded. Joseph and Eric have held off on their college plans at the urging of Professor Benjamin Thessit. While Eric is thrilled at the idea for another adventure, Joseph is more worried than anything. The second book in Erift’s Journeys continues to deal with themes of growing into an adult and self-discovery as characters seek to discover who they truly wish to be.

My Review:

Got to read this because the boss had payroll to work on. Boy I am glad I did! What a fantastic read! If you like action, magic, intrigue, fun and excitement then this is your book.

I didn't read the first book but plan to get that on my kindle asap! Here, the boys are still on a quest for a fun if odd professor.

It doesn't take many pages for a knowing reader to get that feel for Harry Potter. There is almost a drinking game in reading this book. Every time you think Muggle should be used, take a drink!

Just excellent character development. The characters feel so real and are so realistic. Joseph and Eric are just my fave people. The whole people of the island are excellent too.

You can't help but feel this battle between the boys and the bad will go on and on. I want to be there reading every book of it from now on. This is a super fun book that will keep you glued to your reader!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

J.T. Tenera will fully admit that he never wanted to become an author when he was a child. Born March 10th, 1987, his dreams consisted of one thing; making video games when he grew up. However, a project in the 8th grade changed his mind. His class was tasked with writing and illustrating their own children's book. After receiving 110% on the project, and being told by his teacher that he was talented in story telling, he started down a more creative path. Especially since he later learned that making video games was a lot more complicated than he thought as a child. Tenera originally published Erift's Journeys when he was a senior in high school. It was a proud moment seeing the story he dreamed about finished as a real book. However, it was all just for fun. He wouldn't realize his desire to take his writing to a professional level until 2019. Mostly self-taught, Tenera now works to bring his world to life for readers of all ages, all while doing his best to find time to game in between.

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Reviewed by: Rudy


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