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5+ stars for Fatal Witness (The Fatal Series Book 2) by Michelle Godard-Richer #thriller #newrelease

Title: Fatal Witness (The Fatal Series Book 2)

Author: Michelle Godard-Richer

Genre: Thriller

Book Blurb:

Jessica opens her bedroom window in the middle of the night to catch a breeze, but instead, she witnesses something that will change the course of her life forever—her neighbor, David, loading his wife’s body onto the back of his truck. She soon learns David knows what she saw and will stop at nothing to eliminate the only witness to his crime. With her young son Bryce in tow, Jessica flees across the border to Montana. She discovers her first love, Jon Kent, is back in town after an early retirement from the FBI. But he isn’t the only one in town. David surfaces to unleash hell on Jessica and everyone she loves.

My Review:

What would you do if you witnessed your neighbor disposing a dead body? Fatal Witness is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that gave me nightmares. Seriously, read this during the day to avoid scary dreams about your neighbors. This book is a feast for readers with descriptive narration, a well-developed plot, a full cast of characters, and an eerie vibe. I loved every minute of this thriller, and you will too.

Let’s start with the descriptive narration. Michelle Godard-Richer creates a mood with her narration and it’s downright spooky. No, not the spooky from all things paranormal, but from the circumstances Jessica, our brave heroine, finds herself in. Every scene, every moment, is described with intricate detail. The mood and setting are so well detailed, my imagination went into overdrive.

The characters add a level of intrigue, especially David. The author doesn’t reveal much at the beginning, so my curiosity was piqued. The more I read, the darker the characters delved. I connected with Jessica right away and kept shouting at her to flee.

The plot is exquisitely written. The suspense builds the further we get into the story. Michelle Godard-Richer writes with precision and there’s an emotional response from the reader. The author’s writing style is very Poeish or Hitchcockian. I was thoroughly impressed.

If you’re a thriller reader, you need to read this intense book. Brilliant from start to finish, Fatal Witness needs to be on your bucket list. I recommend this book to all readers.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Michelle Godard-Richer is an award-winning thriller and romance author living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. With her degree in Criminology, she writes edge-of-your-seat, suspenseful stories with strong protagonists and diabolical villains.

Social Media Links:

Goodreads: Michelle Godard-Richer

Twitter: @MGodardRicher

Facebook: Michelle Godard-Richer Author

Instagram: michellegodardricherauthor

TikTok: @mgodardricher

Reviewed by: Nancy


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