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Great book for less than a buck: From Denver to Forever by @CadenceVonn #99cents #eroticromance



Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Blurb:

Two stranded strangers...No commitment. No rules.

After discovering her boyfriend is into kink—and not with her—Emily Jameson wants to know what all the hype is about. When a blizzard strands her in the Denver airport, she meets a man perfect for satisfying her curiosity—and more than a few desires—in a lovers-only relationship. But after their first toe-curling kiss, she wonders if the no-strings bargain they've made is a mistake.

Mark Blacke always goes after what he wants, and the moment he sees Emily, he wants her. Fulfilling her fantasies will be a pleasure. Why wouldn't it be when she wants hot as sin sex and no fetish is off-limits? Falling for her isn't part of the plan, but if he tells her how he feels, he fears he'll lose the woman of his dreams...


Mark tapped on the wood, and she hurried, the desire to go shopping for a loveseat spurring her on. When she opened the door, he blocked her path. Majestically naked.

“Your turn,” she choked out as his eyes narrowed.

“Wear your skinny jeans and a thong. I want the visual to tantalize me,” he requested before he let her pass. She scuttled into her closet and pulled out her clean jeans and a soft sweater. She was dressed when he emerged from the bathroom with his jeans on.

He came up behind her and squeezed her butt cheeks, causing her to twerk against his groin to tease him. “The next time your butt is so close to me, you’ll be begging for mercy.” He gave her a playful smack. “Let me finish dressing. We’re wasting time.”

They laughed the whole way to the car and the short drive to the store.

A sea of sofas and loveseats faced them when they entered the building right after it opened. Emily wandered ahead of him. The boots with a heel she wore over the bottom of her jeans made her almost the same height as the sexy shoes she’d left at home. He’d caved to her argument about not being safe to walk in the shoes with ice and snow outside. The boots would work. He could use his imagination to make her another inch or so higher.

“Do you like this one?” Emily stood next to a red leather loveseat.

“Perfect color for what we have in mind,” he whispered seductively near her ear. “But I think it’s too high in the back, and the arms are too low to be useful. Stand behind it, with your hips against it.”

She moved into place and laughed when he shook his head no.

A young salesman approached them. “Good morning. Is there anything I can help you find?”

“We’re looking for a loveseat that doesn’t have such a high back so it’s easier for me to bend over it,” Emily said with a straight face. She enjoyed Mark’s sudden intake of breath and the guy’s stuttering blush.

“Um. There is a collection of loveseats toward the back of the store that might suit your needs.” The young man pointed the way and scurried ahead. “You are so damn naughty. But I don’t embarrass so easily. Do you?” He arched his brow, grabbed her hand, and followed the young man through the maze of furniture.

She trotted along to keep pace with Mark’s long stride. Why in the world had she said what she did? Knowing Mark’s ability to make her turn a bright shade of crimson, she could only imagine what he had in store for retaliation. When they reached the collection of leather loveseats, the young man waved his arm around, trying not to look at either of them.

“Um, have a look around, t-test them out for com-comfort,” he stammered. “I’ll check back with you in a few minutes.”

He sped away, and she sagged with relief that they were alone.

“I like the burgundy one over there.” She pointed to a softly rounded loveseat.

He cozied up to her. “It appears to be a tad low for our needs. Let’s test it.” He pulled her over to the back of the couch. “Bend over the back.”

She glanced around to make sure they weren’t being watched, then rested the front of her hips against the leather and tilted just a little.

“All the way over.” He stood next to her, his hand on her shoulder blade, giving her a firm push down.

“There, are you happy?” she asked with her head down against the cushion. His hand glided over her curves in a possessive caress, and she bolted up straight. She whipped the hair out of her face.

“Perfect.” He chuckled. He waved the sales clerk over, and by the look on the man’s face, Emily was sure he’d sneaked a glance at their foreplay.

“We’ll take this one. Is there any way to have it delivered this afternoon?”

“I have my doubts. Two of our delivery guys called in sick. Where do you live?”

“About three miles from here,” Emily answered.

“If you need it that bad...” The salesman coughed. “I have a pickup truck outside. I can bring it to your place during my break for fifty bucks.”

“Deal.” Mark took care of the transaction while Emily looked around at chairs and ottomans. She sat on one and closed her eyes.

“Thinking about being on your knees bent over this piece?” He sat on the chair behind her, waiting for her to respond.

“I’m not as experienced as you in visualizing positions. Sounds like fun. Maybe when I buy a chair and ottoman, we’ll try it.”

“I’ll get it now if you like?”

“No, thanks. You’re spending enough as it is. I hope you plan on putting it on my tab. I’ll pay you for the loveseat when I get my first paycheck.”

“No rush. I plan on getting a lot of use out of it.” He winked.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

FROM DENVER TO FOREVER is the 2019 N.N. Light Book Award Winner for Erotic Romance! Meet Mark and Emily. It’s a sexy romance with a few twists of suspense. You’ll love the emotional layers it adds to the family dynamics.

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Runs April 16 – 19, 2020.

Winner will be drawn on April 27, 2020.

Author Biography:

Cadence has a BFA in photography and silversmithing. She is an accomplished doodler and daydreamer who discovered she enjoys writing down the stories that dance in her head. After many years in Pennsylvania, her dream came true. She now resides with her husband on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She wakes every morning to a sunrise over the Puget Sound where each day she’s inspired by the beauty. Available books and short stories:

Play A Game With Me

The Perception Game

The Blacke Brothers Novels

Revving Her Heart

From Denver to Forever

Until We Get It Right

Who Knew…It Takes Two!

Who Knew…His Friend Would Do!

Beautiful Will Do

Fantasy Lover


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Cadence Vonn
Cadence Vonn
Apr 18, 2020

Thank you for showcasing my books this month. It's crazy times, but being part of your promotions are always fun. Take care and be safe!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 18, 2020

Thank you, Cadence, for sharing your book in our 99 cents Book Sale!

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