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5+ stars for Games Of Love by Morgan Malone #holidayromance #hanukkah #romance #bookreview

Title: Games Of Love. A Dickens Holiday Romance (Book 22)

Author: Morgan Malone

Genre: Holiday Romance, Hanukkah Romance, Jewish Romance, Later in Life Romance


Book Blurb:


A little girl brings joy and laughter to two lonely adults. But can she give them love for Hanukkah?


Bo Morgan moved to Dickens a little over a year ago, spearheading a new operation of the alternative energy company he worked for. And escaping the heartbreak he left behind in Texas. Reeling from the untimely loss of his beloved mother, a change of scene seems the perfect remedy for his grief. The holiday town of Dickens welcomes him warmly and he finds a home with Congregation Etz Chaim, the small Jewish synagogue. As Hanukkah approaches, Bo remembers celebrations with his large family in Texas but looks forward to celebrating with his new friends in Dickens. He does not expect to fall in love with a tiny, dark-haired princess and her beautiful, confounding mother.


Ruth Eberhardt arrived in Dickens from Chicago, just days before Thanksgiving. Leaving a successful newspaper career, she is still working on the next book in her best-selling historical biography series. But Ruth’s main focus is on her challenging new role as mother to Ariel, daughter of her best friend, Makayla. Realizing she will need a village to help her raise Ariel, as they both deal with the death of Makayla, Ruth has accepted the offer of a condominium in downtown Dickens from her mother, Judy.


As December begins, so do preparations for Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. Living in the same building, attending the same synagogue, and sharing a love for Morty’s Deli, Ruth and Bo find themselves thrown together on numerous occasions. Some of them engineered by Ariel, who has decided that Ruth and Bo belong together.


Bo was raised in a large, loving family and figured that one day he would find a woman to love, to marry, and perhaps, to share a family. And Ruth’s intellect and beauty create a fire of desire in him, even as Ariel’s sweetness warms his heart. After a disastrous and short-lived marriage in her youth, Ruth has focused only on her career and her parents. In a new town and a new home-with a new daughter-the last thing she is looking for is a man. Even one as perfect as Bo.


Bo takes a chance and gambles on the game of love, as he prays that the miracle of Hanukkah will finally win him Ruth’s heart.


My Review:


Can one little girl bring together two people in need of love in time for Hanukkah? Games of Love is a heartwarming holiday romance with a close-knit small-town community, characters who are engaging, immersive narration, all wrapped up in the season of Hanukkah. This story will reaffirm your belief in family and love.


Let’s start with the characters. When I tell you these characters will melt your heart, I’m speaking the truth. Sweet little Ariel stole my heart and every scene she’s in. She’s gone through so much pain for someone so young yet she’s a ray of sunshine throughout this story. Ruth is a wonderful heroine with a lot of love to give. I connected with her on so many levels. Bo is an understated hero. He's a hard-working man who isn’t looking for love. He’s a hero to fall in love with. All the characters are realistic and will warm your heart.


The romance is sweet and satisfying. It’s the perfect progression, not insta nor slow burn. There are many romantic moments I enjoyed. If you’re a romance reader like me, you’ll fall in love with Games of Love.


The highlight for me is the layering of Jewish culture and Hebrew throughout the story. Morgan Malone takes great care to show how Jewish people celebrate life, love, and Hanukkah.


Another gem by Morgan Malone. If you’re looking for a beautifully written, emotional, holiday romance, this is it. Highly recommend!


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


My pen-name is Morgan Malone. A twist on the old “What is my stripper name? A combination of the name of your first pet and the street you grew up created Morgan Malone, an erudite yet brazen hussy, who left her career as an administrative law judge and counsel to pursue her first great love: writing.


I am a best-selling, award-winning, published author of a variety of romance novels: some steaming hot, some sexy, some sweet, mostly contemporary but a Pirate trilogy is in the works. I also write romantic memoir. My mainstream essays have been heard on NPR’s 51%, a nationally broadcast show directed at women. I frequently give workshops at author-reader conferences about writing “later-in-life” love stories featuring heroes and heroines, who are falling in love for the last, or maybe the first, time in their lives. Because, if you’re over 25 (and I am), maybe your book boyfriend should be too!


I live in Saratoga County, NY with my rescue diva dog, Princess. My daughter is a clinical psychologist practicing in Westchester County and my son (the real estate magnate), daughter-in-law (award-winning registered nurse) and two grandsons, live nearby. I travel, paint watercolors, play Mah Jongg, officiate at weddings, and arbitrate employment contract disputes in between writing romance and memoir.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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