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Harlow by @CadenceVonn is a Stress Busting Festival pick #erotic #romanticsuspense #giveaway


Author: Cadence Vonn

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

It never occurs to Harlow Blackwood that losing her virginity could lead to an attempted kidnapping and death. Striking out to uncover a story that would make her byline appear on front pages across the country, she tangles with Marco Agassi, a billionaire who wants to possess her. Refusing his advances puts her in his predatory crosshairs, leaving her embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Driven by revenge, Xander Royce agrees to help the FBI put away Marco, the man who destroyed his father. Discovering Harlow, the woman of his dreams, among his enemies wasn’t planned. Using her as bait is unthinkable. Sex with her is heart-stopping, and fear of losing her compels him to keep her safe until a botched plan thrusts her into his enemy’s grasp.

Now the difference between life and death depends on instinct…

If you love to read about a perverted villain, a hero and heroine’s romance that will set the pages on fire, and deadly justice, this book is for you. 18+


Dead set on escaping, she didn’t watch where she was going and ran into the back of a man dressed as a lord of the realm from about the same era as her costume.

“Pardon me.” She tried to skirt around him, but he took hold of her arm to pause her flight.

He gave a slight bow. “My lady, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

She giggled at the absurd situation. Tilting her head down, she played along with a small curtsy befitting a duchess. “My lord, it’s impossible to move. Would you escort me to the terrace?”

“My pleasure.”

She took his elbow before she glanced back at Marco. He glared in her direction. With a smile, she allowed her partner to guide them through the revelers until they exited the room through French doors. The cool evening air cleared her head.

“Thank you.” She didn’t miss another tall man step outside behind them. He lingered near the door but never looked away. “Is he with you?” She nudged her head in the man’s direction.

“Yes, my bodyguard, Houston. Dressed as a coachman, he’s supposed to blend in. I think he’s worried a beautiful woman like you might kidnap me or steal my heart.” He lifted her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles then turning it over, he pressed another kiss to her palm.

“Wow. A rogue and Prince Charming all in one handsome package.” She didn’t pull away from his touch. “I’m Siobhan. And you are?”

“Xander Royce.”

He bowed, and she acknowledged it with a nod. “Are you an actor? You play this role quite well.”

“No. I’m trying to live up to the title of Prince Charming. Maybe later you’ll let me show you my roguish side.” His eyebrow arched above the edge of his black Zorro-style mask.

“Since you rescued me from the hordes…” She stood on her tiptoes, cradled his jaw, and kissed him. A luscious, rich bourbon taste assailed her senses. Her spontaneous hum of pleasure blended with his. His hand curved around her waist, drawing her closer. Reluctantly, she stepped away. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you. Your wife will be upset.”

“Not married.” His fingers lingered on her hips. “Not engaged. No entanglements. Can we do it again?” His eyes twinkled with devilry.

She caressed his short beard where a dimple formed in his chin. “Possibly.” She glanced at Daniella waving at her from inside the room. “I’m being summoned by my fairy godmother.” She stepped away. “Thank you for rescuing me. I hope you’ll ask me to dance later.”

“Count on it.” He caught her hand and gave it a squeeze before she left the terrace.

“Is there a problem?” she asked her boss when she reached her side.

“If Marco could kill with a look, Mr. Royce would be dead.”

“You know him?” She glanced over her shoulder, but the handsome rogue had disappeared.

“Sweetie, if you’re looking for a good time and a home on the beach when you’re finished, Xander’s your man. He’s divorced and not looking for any permanent relationship.”

“Sounds perfect for what I need right now. I don’t think my heart needs any pressure. Besides, he’s good looking and a gentleman.”

“Gentleman is not a word I’d use to describe him.”

“I called him a rogue and Prince Charming in one sentence. He kissed my hand to show me he’s the prince, and we kissed to prove he was a rogue. I’m good with both personalities in one man.”

“As far as Marco goes, he’ll go ballistic if you date the man.”

“Marco and I need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting. He’s not my husband and doesn’t own me. He’s the one engaged to Rowena. I wonder what doctor she paid to say she was a virgin.” Harlow slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle her laugh. “That was uncalled for. I guess I have mixed emotions. It might’ve been me. But I want a man who loves me and not one where I have to sell my body to be his wife.”

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What’s your favorite way to combat stress?

Find a quiet spot and read or meditate. Getting lost in a fantasy world helps make stress disappear. If all that doesn’t work, I eat chocolate!

Why is your featured book a stress busting read?

If you read HARLOW you’ll forget all your problems and wonder what will happen to the heroine. She makes a few mistakes that put her in danger. But you can be sure after all the heart-stopping adventure and sex she’ll get her happily ever after. And you’ll close the book with a sigh.


Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) Gift Card

Enter to win a $50 Amazon (US) Gift Card

Enter to win a $25 Amazon (US) Gift Card

Enter to win a $15 Amazon (US) Gift Card

Enter to win a $10 Amazon (US) Gift Card

Open internationally

Runs May 1 – 31, 2021.

Drawing will be held on June 1, 2021.

Author Biography:

Cadence is an award-winning romance author with a BFA in photography and silversmithing. She’s an accomplished doodler and daydreamer who discovered she enjoys writing down the erotic stories that dance in her head. Lately villains have been screaming for attention in her dreams so she’s incorporated their POV’s into her new darker Choice & Consequence series. Check out HARLOW (book one) and HOUSTON (book two) if you like your erotic romances with an edge of suspense and danger, but always with a happily ever after.

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Cadence Vonn
Cadence Vonn
May 04, 2021

I love being here. Thank you for having me.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 04, 2021

Thank you, Cadence, for sharing your book in our Stress Busting Book Festival!

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