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New Release | Historical Serenade – Seven Tales of Romance by @RuthACasie et. al. #romance #KU

Title Historical Serenade – Seven Tales of Romance

Authors Lane McFarland, April Holthaus, Ria Cantrell, Barbara Bettis, Ruth A. Casie, Karen Muir, Dawn Marie Hamilton

Genre Historical Romance

Book Blurb

Historical and time travel romance tales filled with danger, deception, revenge, honor and passion spanning the Medieval Highlands through England's Golden Age to North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.


As the king’s personal guard, Eamon MacLeish’s loyalty has never been questioned until a mysterious lass seeks an asylum for a crime, she claims she did not commit. Adelyn Scott would welcome death over marriage but had no idea her wish would come true when she discovers her husband’s body on the night of their wedding. As Adelyn and Eamon piece together clues surrounding her husband’s murder, Eamon must choose between his loyalty or his heart.

SILVERHAWK by Barbara Bettis

Seeking revenge again his father, Sir Giles kidnaps the man’s young betrothed, only to find himself thwarting her repeated escape efforts. Lady Emelin won’t let a blasted mercenary destroy her last chance at a home and family, yet when she learns they must track down English traitors, she reluctantly assists. Eluding searchers and enemies like, Giles and Emelin discover that their past goals don’t matter; only a future together will do.


A trio of pesky pixies have plans for Gregor MacLachlan’s heart. While hunting, a wayward shot from his bow nearly hits a strange lass who appears as if by magic. Emily Smith follows a child in her care onto a forbidden mound in the woods and wakes in a strange bed, in a place and time not her own. Can she find love in the arms of the dark-eyed stranger who becomes her champion?


In Medieval England, after Lady Katherine de Grey's family is murdered, she is rescued by a childhood friend, Sir Richard Weston, and they are forced to marry. Richard resents the edict and intends to petition for an annulment. But, Katherine has other plans. With each caress of her dagger, she empowers herself to fight for her destiny. All she has to do is convince her new husband that the woman he truly desires is already his wife.


Disguised as Nicholas Barlow, a ruthless, old businessman during the day, the Flintlock Brigand's leader at night, and Captain Randolf, in between, Nicholas ruins constables who failed to show Bristol’s orphans mercy.

Diana Fleming, daughter of Bristol's wealthiest gentry, returns to beg her father for help raising of ten orphaned children, but instead discovers her father died because of Nicholas Barlow. Now penniless and desperate, she's determined to destroy the man who murdered her father.

CELTIC PERIL by Ria Cantrell

Tom Callum landed a spot with Celtic Storm as the lead singer and front man. When he reaches Scotland, he is drawn to seek his heritage and uncover the mysteries of his past. He is fascinated with a painting of a girl, Jenna Brandham of the Clan MacCollum, who lived more than six hundred years ago. Jenna tugs at his long forgotten memory. Tom will soon be plunged into a world of intrigue, deception and peril. The past and present collide in an adventure that brings danger at every turn. Only love will give Tom the strength he needs to thwart an attempt on King Richard's life. Will Tom be able to survive his leap into the past? Will he be able to survive his return to the present, only to leave his heart behind?


The Maxwell Ghost by Ruth A. Casie Traitors, deception, murders and ghosts run rampant at Caerlaverock Castle. Jamie Collins and Laura Reynolds, long-time friends find their destinies intertwined with hidden passions, but all is in jeopardy when Laura becomes the murderer’s next target. Jamie will find he needs some ghostly assistance to save Laura and declare his love. No magic...a love that lasts an eternity.

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Author Biographies

Ruth A. Casie is a USA Today bestselling author of historical fantasy and contemporary romance. She weaves exciting and beautifully told legendary tales that are both rich and engaging. Her stories are full of, ‘edge of your seat’ suspense, mind-boggling drama and a forever-after romance.

Karen Muir writes heart-tugging Historical Romances in two different time periods: Medieval England and American Western. As she journeyed through her life, she had never imagined she would one day be a writer. Writing is hard! But when her dreams became stories, and her characters called out to her to write about their lives, she had no choice. Now she can't imagine a life without writing!

Lane McFarland is an author of historical romance set in medieval Scotland and England. Her stories illustrate her true passion of writing about spirited heroines and to-die-for-heroes and the romantic love stories between them.

Dawn Marie Hamilton dares you to dream with her Scottish-inspired fantasy and paranormal romance books. Some of her tales are rife with mischief-making faeries, brownies, and other fae creatures. More tormented souls—shape shifters, vampires, and maybe a zombie or two—stalk the pages of other stories. All with love-ever-after.

April Holthaus is an Award-Winning Author of Scottish Historical Romances. For more than a decade, she has worked full time in the direct marketing and printing business but developed a passion of historical romances through her love of reading, history and genealogy. When she is not working or writing, April loves to spend time with her son and traveling.

Best-selling Historical Romance author, Ria Cantrell grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. She has enjoyed some very exciting endeavors in the past which include competing as a figure skater, dancing professionally as a belly dancer and singing as a classically trained vocalist and soloist. Fostering her love of all things medieval, Ria's stories are flavored with Medieval and Renaissance themes.

Barbara Bettis is an award-winning author of historical romance set in late 12th-early 13th Century England. She “colors the pages of her novel(s) with a master’s use of language, bringing each scene vividly to life” with heroines to die for and Heroes to Live For.

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