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5+ stars for Journey to New Salem by @MarkRosendorf #audiobook #audible #yalit #uf #pnr #bookreview

Title: Journey to New Salem

Author: Mark Rosendorf

Narrator: Jeffery Lynn Hutchins

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy, YA Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

The Witches of Vegas are back, and their lives will never be the same again.

A year has passed since The Witches of Vegas saved the city from the evil Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Since then, the show has hit an all-time high. So has the romance between teen witch Isis Rivera and teenage magician, Zack Galloway.

Things couldn't be any better for them until Isis develops seizures that cause her power to spiral out of control. Fires and earthquakes are just the beginning of the chaos caused by the misfired witchcraft. Unable to find a cure, Isis' family journeys to New Salem, a fabled village of witches which may or may not even exist. Meanwhile, Zack ends up face to face with the only being who may have a cure...Valeria. But does he dare pay her price?

My Review:

Summary –

Isis can’t control her witchcraft and the only cure lies with an old enemy but is Zack willing to pay the old hag’s price? It’s been some time since the witches of Vegas took down Valeria, an old powerful witch vampire. Their Vegas show is bigger and better than ever. Trouble starts brewing, though, when Isis develops seizures and can’t control her powers. What is going on? Suspicion grows as the witches seek a cure. Isis’ family learns of a fabled town of witches called New Salem. Maybe her cure can be found there. So, the witches of Vegas pack up and head to New Salem. Zack, Isis’ boyfriend, is hunting down a cure to save his beloved Isis but is he willing to make a deal with Valeria, the vampire who almost destroyed them all last year?

Narrator’s overall voice –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins’ voice has personality all its own but when it employs the various character voices, it takes on each character with aplomb. I thoroughly enjoyed his voice.

Does the narrator fit the characters?

Yes, Jeffery Lynn Hutchins fits the characters, especially the witches. I’m astonished how well he evokes women and a teen young woman. Very well done.

Narrator’s reading style –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins has a reading style that is informal but with enough twists and turns to keep the listener enraptured.

Narrator’s impact on reading experience –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins has an intrinsic ability to draw a listener/reader in without any effort. He takes what is one of the most original stories I’ve ever read and creates a masterpiece.

Narrator’s pacing –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins’ pacing is flawless, blending action, romance, mystery, suspense, and more with ease.

Audiobook flow –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins lets the audiobook unfold naturally with plenty of dialogue, action, suspense, and romance.

What makes this audiobook unique –

Jeffery Lynn Hutchins and Mark Rosendorf partner up again to bring readers/listeners one of the best YA urban fantasy audiobooks I’ve heard/read. The plot is full of suspense which adds to the enjoyment while listening. Jeffery Lynn Hutchins’ narration brings Journey to New Salem to life, like a play. Brilliant from start to finish.

Would I recommend this audiobook –

YES! Don’t delay. One-click this audiobook right now.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Mark Rosendorf is the author of the award-winning young adult fantasy novels that make up The Witches of Vegas series. So far this includes: The Witches of Vegas, Journey To New Salem, and Witch’s Gamble. He is also credited with other works such as The Rasner Effect.

When Mark is not writing about witches and vampires, he works as a high school guidance counselor for students with special needs in the New York City’s public school system. Mark holds a Master of Science in Education from Long Island University. He is also a former magician and once worked in the hotel industry.

You can learn more about Mark and The Witches of Vegas, or get in touch with him through his website:

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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