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Hi, dear reader. I’m Juli D. Revezzo, romance author. I thought I’d share a little about myself. 


When I’m not writing, I read a variety of genres, from the classics to historical romance to fantasy. to nonfiction, mainly to do with history–mostly of the Victorian era (I have a degree in literature that focused heavily on that era), writing advice, or whatever subject has my attention this week–like, knitting or gardening. My latest reads have consisted of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn, and One Little Kiss by Suzanne G. Rogers.


I like taking pictures and walking in the park (when the Florida heat isn’t unbearable). But, like my heroine’s sister, Dorothea, in A Waltz Before Midnight, I have a limp that impedes athleticism. I am so not a sports fan, anyway.


When I’m not reading, writing or doing research, I’m either listening to rock music, alt-country, blues, Jazz, or whatever catches my fancy (new Swiftie here!) or enjoying a  movie with my husband of over 30 years. And if you ask me to choose between Star Trek and Star Wars, I can’t. We love “both kinds” here.  ;) I also frequently quote movies, as you can see from the Blues Brothers quote there.


I also bullet journal, keep a blog on my website at and noodle with videos from time to time on my Tiktok and Youtube channels.


I am the author of a variety of novels, lately steampunk romances like the Gears, Cogs, and Puppy Dogs series, and the adjacent historical romances set in the late 1800s, such as you’ll see here in A Waltz Before Midnight.


To speak a little on Waltz, it's a sweet historical romance inspired by Cinderella, while the heroine's sister was a mixture of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Maisie, a little girl created by Henry James in his 1897 novel What Maisie Knew, with a dash of enemies to lovers for flavor. The synopsis and an excerpt follows.


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Title: A Waltz Before Midnight (The Lost Slipper Society, book one)

Author: Juli D. Revezzo

Genre: Historical romance

Publisher: Raven Queen Publications


Book Blurb:


When Cindaria and Mr. Spencer Moreland collide, the collision destroys a precious gift for her ailing sister. Her nasty stepmother won’t purchase another, so Cindaria has no choice. She must agree when Spencer offers to procure it for her, even if it means traveling outside London with him to meet the creator.


All Spencer wants is to clear his debt to the infuriating Cindaria, and forget the horrid, no good day he had less grace than an earl’s son should have. Then maybe he can put this girl behind him and find the charming beauty who stole his heart at a recent masked society ball.


If only he had a glass slipper to prove what his heart tells him is true…




“I wish to apologize for our unfortunate first meeting at Daan’s Miscellany. I hope this will make amends.”


Miss Hethrope’s gaze flicked to the box. “This what?”


He set the box on the ornate coffee table between them. “See for yourself.”


Elegant hands pulled the white ribbon. When it fell away, she removed the top, and unfolded the white tissue paper inside. Sunlight gleamed off the finish on the wooden case as she lifted it out. A fine fountain pen rested in her fingers. “What’s this for?”


“To make amends for the box you smashed.”


A laugh escaped her, and she set the pen case back into the gift box. “The one you smashed, sir?”


“As you like.” Spencer returned to his chair. “Does it suffice?”


“This?” Miss Hethrope pointed to the box. “I hate to disappoint you, sir, but it doesn’t suffice at all.”


“Cindaria.” Miss Clankton frowned at her friend.


“Forgive me, but I thought you might find the pen more useful than a glass container. But I see not.” Why the devil not? “May I inquire as to the reason why?”


“Do you need any other? Do you even realize how long I sought that particular music box?”


A music box?


“Or how much it cost me to have it shipped special from Thomas Hawkins’ collection?”


His confusion deepened. “Who?”


“A glassmaker out of New York, sir. America.”


Miss Clankton laid a hand over Miss Hethrope’s. “Suffice it to say, sir, we appreciate the piece you brought, but my friend laments the loss of the original purchase.”


The anger radiating from Miss Hethrope belied her friend’s words.


“I’ll replace it.” He retrieved a notepad from his coat pocket. “What did you say his name was? Thomas Hawkins?”


Miss Hethrope shook her head. “It will be too late. My sister’s birthday is nigh.”


“When is that?”


“The end of August,” Miss Clankton offered.


Miss Hethrope glared at her.


“I see. I’ll find something, trust me.” He smiled at Miss Hethrope, his most winning smile. “I have my sources.”


“Doubtless you do, and have you little thought for their schedules?” Miss Hethrope rose. “Thank you but you’ve done enough, sir.” She looked to Miss Clankton. “Winifred, forgive me. I’ll return to visit you tomorrow.”




Before he could apologize any further, she swept from the room.


Demon of a woman! Spencer blinked at Miss Clankton, tipped his head, and strode after Miss Hethrope.


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Author Biography: 


Juli D. Revezzo loves fantasy and Celtic mythology and writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of the Antique Magic series and the fantasy historical Romance Celtic Stewards Chronicles series, the fantasy series entitled: Stewards War, Victorian romances Camden Girls, Lost Slipper Society, the Steampunk romance Gears, Cogs, and Puppy Dogs, and more. (Including, under the pen name Juli Revezzo, the non-fiction guide to fast drafting a novel Make the Most of Your Writing Time: Writing Fast Without Going Crazy.)


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 12

Thank you, Juli. for sharing your writing journey and book with our readers!

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