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5++ stars for Just You & Me: A Steamy Friends to Lovers, Second Chance by @JeannieHallAuth #romance

Title: Just You & Me: A Steamy Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance (Big Apple Billionaires Series Book 1)

Author: Evelyn Jeannie Hall

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance, Friends to Lovers Romance, Second Chance Romance, Billionaire Romance

Book Blurb:

Billionaire investment banker Benji Torres has everything most men dream of: wealth, business savvy, and the ability to get any woman he might want. But Benji only wants one woman. Katrina Farrell, his childhood best friend. She was his confidant, the girl next door, and his unrequited obsession. Too bad when he left her nine years ago, he tore that friendship completely apart.

Now, he needs to tell her the truth.

That he’s been in love with her all along.

Independent businesswoman Katrina Farrell has moved on with her life.

Just because she’s relocated to the New York Metro area where Benji happens to live doesn’t mean she trusts him. Him up and abandoning her hurt, and since that time she’s suffered even worse tragedies. Why should she give him the benefit of the doubt?

Especially when she has painful secrets.

Secrets that could doom any relationship before it even starts.

Will Katrina and Benji open up to one another and repair what’s been broken? Or are some wounds too deep to ever heal?

Trigger Warning: This story includes strong language and sexual content, as well as mentions of past physical abuse, miscarriage, and suicide. This book is meant to be read by those 18 and over only.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Each of these stories may be read as a standalone. However, to read them in order:

  1. Just You & Me

  2. Just This Once

  3. Just Us

  4. Just Stay

Just Want More, the MM Romance Spin-off occurs between Just Us and Just Stay chronologically.

My Review:

This friends-to-lovers, second chance romance will singe your fingertips! I love reading steamy romances, especially when winter hits. There are quite a few tropes going on in this book, many of them are my reading jam. Everything from the emotional narration to the romantic tension to the characters to the hot love scenes…they all make this book an unputdownable read.

The narration is equal parts emotional and descriptive. The author’s prowess is in luring the reader into her world through immersive imagery. Emotions play a huge role in this story, especially between Benji and Katrina.

These characters will tug at your heartstrings. Both Benji and Kat have dark secrets weighing them down. They’ve both gone through traumatic events and are tormented. My heart bled for these two. I wanted to hug the stuffings out of them. It’s impressive how realistic these characters are…they seem so lifelike and leap from the page.

The writing is truly what makes Just You & Me such a wonderful romance. The plot is intricate with multiple storylines going on. Normally that would confuse me, but the author makes sure to intertwine the plotlines in harmony. The pacing is perfect and there is plenty to keep the reader invested. The characters are well-conceived and their growth over the course of the book is impressive.

An addictive romance from start to finish, Just You & Me is a must-read!

My Rating: 5++ stars

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Author Biography:

Evelyn Jeannie Hall specializes in cinnamon roll heroes. Whether self-made billionaires, members of law enforcement or more, if you’re into men who are tough yet endearing, then you’ve come to the right place. They’re all scrumptiously hot, sincerely protective, seriously sweet, yet willing and able to turn up the heat to the steamiest of levels. Sound like your cup of tea? Join my newsletter at

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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