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Let It Melt by @AuthorMargot is a Best Books of '22 pick #99cents #99c #romance #giveaway

Title: Let it Melt

Author: Margot Johnson

Genre: Sweet contemporary romance

Book Blurb:

How on earth did Jill, a single divorcee, land on a romantic Valentine's Sweetheart Tour for couples? Worse, she’s paired with Jack, her daughter’s brash father-in-law, and everyone thinks he’s her valentine. Stranded in a Canadian prairie blizzard, how soon can she kiss this awkward evening goodbye? Long divorced, Jack would love to charm Jill with his toned body and dynamic personality, but his wisecracks and obsession with fitness get in the way—especially when he nabs a post at the same school where she teaches. Even the most romantic month of the year can’t melt their differences and sweeten Jill's feelings….or can it?


Jill crackled over the ice to his side. She relaxed her stiff knees and trusted they would support her weight. Picking up speed, she tasted the carefree rush of cold air on her face. Her toe picks scratched and caught bits of ice. Jack was right. Muscle memory took over, and her old skills chased away any lingering hesitation. Exhilaration filled her with such light, buoyant optimism she could float.

“Not bad. You skate almost as well as me.” Throwing a grin over his shoulder, Jack zigzagged ahead then skidded to a stop and sent a fluffy shower of snow off his blades.

“And you’re almost as modest as me.” Jill lengthened her stride and passed him. “Just wait until you really see me in action.” His chuckle drifted through the frosty, evening air. The cool temperature contrasted with the warm glow in her chest…lit by…could Jack really be responsible?

Her heartrate dipped and sped like it wore its own pair of skates. Sometimes Jack acted overly confident and even conceited about his appearance and fitness, but underneath his cocky comments and know-it-all expression, she sensed uncertainty. He should quit trying so hard to prove his worth. Already, he was plenty good enough.

Laughing and breathing in quick bursts, Jill accelerated and glanced over her shoulder in time to see Jack leap forward, lose his balance, and land on his side. “Nice splat. Are you hurt?” She jammed in a toe pick, stopped, and spun backward. His crumpled expression disappeared behind a grin. In the shimmering light, she couldn’t tell whether his eyes reflected humor or embarrassment.

“You swept me off my feet.” Jack bounced up and brushed ice shavings off his pants.

“I have that effect on men.” She laughed and trusted the dim lighting to cover her blush. Why did she say something flirtatious that wasn’t even true? Around Jack, she was a woman she didn’t recognize. With a giant thrust, she nabbed a head start and snapped over tiny bumps on the ice surface.

“Hey, wait.” Jack soon swooped beside her.

“Watch this.” Jill lowered into a squat and extended one leg. Her pants strained at the waist and across her bottom but didn’t tear, thank goodness.

“Impressive. What do you call that manoeuver?”

“Shoot the Duck.” She wobbled, drew in her leg, and straightened. “It was one of my signature moves. Try it.”

“Here goes.” He bent partway, groaned, and stood. “Or not.”

“Mr. Fit is not Mr. Flexible.” Jill laughed and spun once. “Maybe if you practice, you’ll do better next time.” She could tease, too. To get a head start, she hopped and took off but couldn’t outskate him for long.

Circling the rink, she stretched her free leg and arced toward and then away from Jack. Her bulk floated away, and confidence expanded in her chest like a balloon that would never pop. She soared as alive and free as the old, energetic Jill. Goodbye to the tired woman who crumpled on the couch with potato chips to comfort her while she coped with the disappointments and adjustments of a failed marriage. Intermission from regular, active life was over.

For a few moments, only the crisp, cutting sounds of their blades broke the still, silent air.

“Will you—”

“I wish—” Hearing Jack speak at the same moment, Jill slowed and curved side to side.

“Ladies first.” Jack swung forward an arm.

“I wish every night could be this beautiful.” She glanced at the starry sky. Did it twinkle the promise of happy days to follow?

“In my amazing presence?” He stuck a thumb in his chest.

“I mean…I don’t know what I mean. What were you about to say?” She lowered her gaze to his profile and absorbed the cold, peaceful air brushing her cheeks.

“Will you allow me to hold your hand?” He gave a slight bow and extended an arm

The bold man disappeared, replaced by a hesitant gentleman. At the same time, she melted from a mature woman into a fluttery teen. Passing fragrant evergreens, she couldn’t quite take a full breath. Would she? Should she?” Under her blades, the ice snapped. Her mouth dried so she couldn’t speak, so she nodded and held out a hand.

He enveloped it with his black mitts. “Just a sec.” He let go and yanked off a mitt. Then he tugged off one of hers and squeezed her bare hand. “Much better. Skin on skin.”

His palm and fingers radiated warmth, and she soaked in the pleasurable sensation like a soothing bath. Circuiting the rink, she scanned the wide backdrop of sky and the white blanket below. Gliding along, she memorized every detail—the smooth, firm texture of Jack’s hand, the crunch of blades over ice, tree branches spread with snow like icing, white puffs of air, and the smell of clean air scented by pine. Town lights peeked through trees, and white smoke rose from chimneys.

“Are you cold?” Slowing, he scraped to a stop, released his hold, and returned her mitt.

“Only my tingly fingers and icicle nose.” She might be chilly on the outside but not on the inside. With heat jumping like a forest fire from her middle to every part of her body, she hardly needed a winter jacket. Jack had no idea where her mind skated.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

What could be more fun and romantic than a story set around Valentine’s Day? A reviewer said, “Let It Melt is perfect—not only for the season—but for anyone of a certain age who might be looking for a change, perhaps add something new to their life. A terrific, enjoyable read!!”

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Runs December 27 – January 5, 2023.

Winner will be drawn on January 6, 2023.

Author Biography:

Margot Johnson writes feel-good stories of dreams, family, and romance. She is the author of two sweet romance novels, LOVE TAKES FLIGHT and LOVE LEADS THE WAY, and two novellas, LET IT SNOWBALL and LET IT MELT. Her newest novella, LET IT SIMMER, will be released March 1, 2023. Her characters can't possibly find their happy endings...or can they? Before turning her focus to the fun writing life, Margot held leadership roles in human resources and communications. Her motto is "Dream big and work hard." When not writing, she loves to connect with family and friends, volunteer with SK Writers Guild, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day (except when it's minus 40!) Margot lives in the Canadian prairies with her husband.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @AuthorMargot


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