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5+ stars for Midnight Fear by Evelyn Silver #bookreview #darkparanormalromance #steamyromance #vampire #newrelease

Title: Midnight Fear

Author: Evelyn Silver

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance, Steamy Romance


Book Blurb:


Even the strongest of vampires has a breaking point: for Marcelle, it was being tortured by a witch in New York and trying to return to her regular existence as if nothing had happened.

She has too much to do to allow herself to focus on something as trivial as trauma. Occult hunters accost her witch allies; an aggravating pyromancer needles a fiery thorn in her side; and the coronation of one of her lovers, the vampire crown prince of New Ulster, Setanta, has her full attention. Not only that, but her newest lover, the necromancer and healing witch Sarai, has trials of her own to face and a reckoning to come with her formal introduction to the vampire royal court at the Midnight Festival. Marcelle and her lovers must face the demons of the past and future, or she may lose the new love desperately needs.


My Review:


With her back against the wall, Marcelle must battle her demons or lose the love she craves more than blood. Midnight Fear is book two in this deliciously decadent steamy paranormal romance series, and it’s even better than book one. It’s seductive with hotter than hot bedroom scenes. The world-building is flawless. The descriptive narration details every scene. The erotic romance between three lovers will singe your fingertips.


Let’s talk about the characters. After what happened in book one, there’s an ocean between Marcelle and Sarai. Marcelle has to work through her issues, some complex, some basic. But she’s a vampire and what’s better than a little violence to cleanse the mind. I love Marcelle. She’s a strong, powerful vampire. She cares deeply for Sarai as well as for her vampire prince, Setanta.


The triangle dynamic is not your typical love triangle. It’s more of a lovers’ circle. It works for me because you’re talking about two very powerful vampires and a witch.


The world-building is immense. Evelyn Silver takes great care building her world. It’s immersive and complex yet easy to believe.


The writing is what makes this book impossible to put down. The story seduces the reader and puts them under its spell. I can’t wait for more!


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Evelyn Silver lives in Florida with her husband, their son, and their two cats. She has a BFA in English and enjoys a variety of hobbies including belly dancing and singing opera. She is an Own Voices writer, spinning tales of polyamorous and bisexual paranormal romance. Evelyn sews her own clothes (poorly) and somehow manages to kill every plant she ever tries to take care of.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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