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New Release | Minuet at Midnight, Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides #regency #giveaway #bookboost

Title: Minuet at Midnight, Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides

Author: Collette Cameron

Genre: Regency Romance

Publisher: Blue Rose Romance LLC

Book Blurb:

~Marriage of Convenience ~Forced Proximity ~Class Difference ~Unrequited Love ~Hero Rescues Heroine ~Opposites Attract Just because they could get married doesn’t necessarily mean they should All Lord Leonidas Westbrook wanted was a new adventure in Greece. Saving a pretty lass from abduction was not on his itinerary. In fact, doing so made him miss the tide and ruined all his plans. But regardless, he knew helping the woman was the right thing to do. He never imagined he’d end up proposing a marriage of convenience…or that he’d fall for her. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened… Primrose McKessick fled Scotland to avoid an arranged marriage. It worked, too. Until she was almost kidnapped, that is. After all she’d been through, having to accept help from the handsome Leonidas was bad enough. But accepting his unconventional proposal? That was madness. Especially if she hoped to escape this misadventure with her heart intact… Choosing each other—and happily ever after—might cost Leonidas and Primrose their life-long dreams. Is their fledgling relationship strong enough to survive their differences? Or are these opposites destined to go their separate ways?


“You are far too trusting, Miss McKessick,” he murmured as he settled onto the opposite bench.

“Not that trusting, Mr. Westbrook.”

A cunning smile arched her pretty bowed mouth, and as she opened her eyes, she slowly withdrew a small, evil-looking dirk from beneath her thigh. “And lest you believe I don’t know how to use this blade, I assure you I’m quite adept.”

He cocked an eyebrow, half in amusement and half in sardonic disbelief. “You would have me believe you’ve defended yourself with that.”

He flicked his fingers toward the knife.

Tilting her head, she met his gaze, a challenge in her hazel-blue depths.

She was no timid, mousy female, to be certain.

In that, she reminded him of his sister too.

“I’ve drawn blood defending my honor against over-amorous patrons more times than I can count.” She dropped her attention to his groin, a wicked smile arching her mouth. “And I nearly unmanned another who ignored my refusal.”

Good God.

Just who had Leonidas rescued?

An answering grin swept his mouth upward.

Fletcher would have his hands full with her, and Leonidas would be there to watch. It almost made forgoing his voyage worthwhile.

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One random reader will win print editions of the first three books in Chronicles of the Westbrook Brides series if they send proof they purchased Minuet at Midnight or subscribed to my newsletter. The contest ends October 30th.

Author Biography:

USA Today Bestselling author COLLETTE CAMERON® is renowned for her Scottish and Regency historical romance novels featuring daring rogues, scoundrels, and the strong heroines who capture their hearts. Her stories are filled with inspiration and humor, making them the perfect escape for fans of sweet-to-spicy timeless romances®. A lifelong Oregonian, Collette is a confessed chocoholic and dreams of spending part of her time in Scotland. From the rugged highlands to the refined drawing rooms of Regency England, Collette's stories transport you to another time and place, where love and adventure are just a page away.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 18, 2023

Thank you, Colette, for sharing your new release with us!

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