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5++ stars for Naked Truth, Or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit (Audiobook) #audiobookreview #histfic

Title: Naked Truth, Or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit

Author: Carrie Hayes

Narrator: Full Cast

Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Blurb:

Based on a true story.

New York City, 1868. They beguiled the suffragists, seduced the millionaires, and answered to no one. Spiritualist sisters Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin were independent, politically progressive free thinkers. The establishment vowed to destroy them.

Based on the true story of the first woman to run for president of the United States, this is Naked Truth, or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit.

My Review:

Story Impressions –

Two women fight for equal rights, rocking society when one of the women run for President. This audiobook brings history to live with a full cast ensemble. To call it riveting is the understatement of the century. Profound, life-changing, heart-stopping are better words to describe this book. After reading the book when it first came out and listening to the audiobook, I prefer the audiobook. The author is correct in calling it an audiodrama. Any reader will love Naked Truth, or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit.

Narrator’s overall voice –

The full cast voices have a personality all their own which they project. It has a smoothness and lilt I thoroughly enjoyed. Does the narrator fit the characters? Yes, the full cast fits the characters. I’m astonished at how well they evoke the different characters. Narrator’s reading style – This full cast has a dramatic reading style to keep the listener entranced. Narrator’s impact on reading experience – They have an intrinsic ability to draw a listener/reader in without any effort. The scenes are so well narrated, I had to stop what I was doing to focus on the story. Narrator’s pacing – The full cast’s pacing is flawless. I was transfixed while listening. Audiobook flow – They let the audiobook develop naturally through the use of dialogue, narration, and characterization. What makes this audiobook unique – The full cast and author partner up to bring readers/listeners an engaging historical fiction. The plot is full of intrigue which adds to the enjoyment while listening. The subject matter is poignantly acted in this audiodrama. Would I recommend this audiobook – YES! One-click this audiobook right now.

My Rating: 5++ stars

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Author Biography:

Carrie Hayes was born in New York City. She grew up around journalists, idealists and rule breaking women. Find her on, and on her upcoming podcast, Angry Dead Women. Carrie's debut novel, Naked Truth or Equality was an Editor's Choice in the Historical Novel Review.

The Midwest Review describes her latest book, Well Dressed Lies, as "an inviting novel of intrigue, mischief, and love that invites libraries and readers to partake of a story replete in changing alliances, closely-held secrets, and social change that romps through high society relationships on both sides of the pond."

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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