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4.75 stars for Night & Fae by @takkembloom #eroticfantasy #eroticromance #fantasyromance #bookreview

Title: Night & Fae (The Night & Fae Trilogy Book 1)

Author: RMP Takkembloom

Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

The world is full of magic, there are werewolves, mages, and vampires. Not hidden in the dark corners of society, but part of a vibrant, modern, coexistence with mundane humans. To a degree. And yet, Elodie Ward felt markedly different her entire life. So one day, she wished that there was someone who might want her. Just once would be nice. And a Fae answered. Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if things had ended happily after that? Separated from Elodie by dreams, Bracken Amberplume grew up tormented by what he considers the gravest mistake he could have ever made, but he has a duty that’s more important than his guilt. The Fae has to swallow his pride and has finally come collect on the deal he once made with a very peculiar woman.

Night & Fae is the gripping first installation of an erotic trilogy about healing, vulnerability and the joy of found family. Warning: Book contains mature content, speaks about miscarriage, and mentions child abuse.

My Review:

An erotic fantasy that requires the reader to be dedicated to getting to pages that vividly display this genre's raison d'etre. In its purest form, the book is about two struggling souls who finally find solace. A wonderfully creative approach to world-building. It seems every page turned reveals something new about this land.

The romantic relationship is slow burn. After a period of time, a reader may wonder if matches are required in Nod. The storyline created is very deep and will require concentration to take it all in. One can almost put the Fae aspect out of their mind and see this all playing out in say Aspen during the peak season.

If there is one technical concern, it is the way the prologue plays into chapter one. This is done in a somewhat jarring fashion and isn't as smooth as it could have been.

A fine first part of what should be an entertaining trilogy. Fans of this kind of genre will enjoy this book. Big fans of the fae as little people will love this book. A worthwhile read for erotica fans.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

RMP Takkembloom wrote the book Night and Fae as a way of connecting the realms of mythology and fantasy with current issues like mental health, sexuality, and identity. With their focus on bringing traditional mythology into the current world, Takkembloom portrays the fairy world as a place in which issues come from “interpersonal problems and culture, rather than identity”.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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